Policies and Procedures

Thursday was a continuation of Tuesday: demonstration speeches.  The speeches were good, but I did have a few minor issues with a few things.  I had a student who was absent on Tuesday but didn’t contact me about missing speech day.  Apparently, she thought that she would be able to deliver her speech on Thursday– but she never spoke to me about it.  The syllabus is very clear about policies and procedures for missing class, speeches, quizzes, etc.  This late in the semester I expect that the students know the policies and procedures and follow them.  I’m crossing my fingers that my student will take the initiative and contact me.

I also delivered my teacher evaluations to my students.  I hope and pray that they were in a good mood and gave me constructive criticism instead of just airing their grievances.  We shall see– in about 6 months I will get them back.

The weather was a little better than the snow flurries on Tuesday, but not quite there yet.  Initially, when I planned this outfit I planned it with bare legs and brown sandals.  When looking back at the pictures, I didn’t like how the belt was a darker shade of brown than the sandals.  Therefore, I swapped the sandals for the brown pumps.  I also believe that it is only the second time that I have worn the brown pumps on the blog– all the more reason to wear them.

Magenta button up: JC Penney. Khaki pencil skirt: Target. Printed scarf: unknown. Brown belt: (thrifted.) Brown pumps: (thrifted.)

What do you think– should I wait for my student to contact me or should I contact her?


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