Paisley and Persuasion

Tuesday was the start of a brand new section: Persuasive Speaking.  I opened the class with a review discussion about informative speaking–the general purpose, the specific purpose, organizational patterns, etc.  Then, I began discussing persuasive speaking and drawing upon their similarities.  I really wanted them to understand that we’ve spent 9 weeks talking about informative speaking and that the next three weeks are going to build upon that.

The second piece of information that I needed to convey to them was a brand new organizational pattern: Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.  In the world of academic public speaking Monroe’s is nearly synonymous with persuasive speaking.  For this reason,  I am requiring all of my students to use it in their final speech.

Since we were back to “business as usual” with PowerPoint slides and a lecture I made sure that I dressed appropriately.  But, it is also Spring so that means that I did take the liberty of wearing a maxi-dress.  To me, a maxi-dress is somewhat casual in feel.  The two that I own are both a cotton blend and very light on the structuring.  But, casual doesn’t mean sloppy.  In order to help this maxi-dress stand up to the challenge I paired it with a short-sleeved cardigan, a gold belt, burgundy peep-toed heels, and lots of jewelry.  I find that by accessorizing a maxi-dress it really helps to elevate it.

Thursday we will be discussing motive needs, motivational appeals and Maslow’s Hierarchy.
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