Thursday some of my dual-credit students were absent because of a field trip at their high school.  Although I missed having all of my students, I did notice that the dynamic of the classroom was completely different.  The students in class were being silly and fun, but yet they were keeping on task.  Those are the types of days that I really enjoy– everyone has fun, but the work still gets done.

We finished up the chapter on argumentative speaking and then began an in-class exercise.  I found a persuasive speech from one of my other textbooks that used Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.  The speech was in paragraph form and was a similar assignment as my students– get the audience to donate time or money to a non-profit organization.  I thought that the exercise would be very helpful.

But, I wasn’t prepared for how much difficulty my students had with the exercise.  It was eye-opening for me.  I think that the idea of the assignment is a really good one, but since it was the first time they were asked to do something like that, it proved to be a bit difficult.  I think if I had done a similar assignment earlier in the semester with informative speeches they would have been better prepared to handle it.

When I walked into class, one student greeted me with a barrage of questions about why I looked different. Did you color your hair, cut your hair, all of the above?  I styled my hair slightly different–I flat-ironed, but I didn’t think that it made me look that different.  The other thing, though, is that I wore my glasses.  I don’t have any pictures of me in them to show you, but that was the only other difference.

It’s funny because just when I think that no one pays attention to what I wear, my students pick up on those minute differences.  You be the judge– do I look all that different in these photo’s?

The last time I wore this blouse I paired it with a black pencil skirt for a very buttoned up secretarial-look. This time, I wanted it to be a little more relaxed. It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but I undid an additional button at the top for a more opened look and rolled up the sleeves to make it a 3/4 sleeve. So, even though I am wearing it with pants, it still felt more “open” to me.  I also opted not to tie a bow with the necktie, and just do a simple knot.  What do you think?

P.S. This is my fierce look– just for you, dear reader.


One comment on “Fierce!

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