Brown Digs; Foggy Memory

Friday is kind of a distant memory to me now.  I vaguely remember that I lectured over persuasive speaking and then duplicated the same exercise from my tuesday/thursday class.  I also remember that I only had 3 students who were present for the entirety of the class.  But, other than those few tidbits I don’t remember much.  (This is generally why I try to post within a day or two of class!)

Here is the outfit that I wore.  Looking back, I don’t really like the jacket paired with the top and skirt.  The proportions are off.  But, that’s what I wore.

Brown shirt: (thrifted.) Khaki skirt: Target. Gold earrings: Wal-Mart. Brown pumps: (thrifted.) Gold watch: Wal-Mart. Blazer (Not shown here): (thrifted.)

What do you think? Do the proportions seem off to you, or am I just being overly critical?


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