Royal Blue, Coral, and Last Days

Friday was the final instructional day of class.  I lectured over chapter 14, argumentative speaking, and we tied up some loose ends.  One of the things that I have the students do on the first day is fill out a listening evaluation sheet.  This leads us into a discussion about poor listening skills and how taking a public speaking course can help you to improve your listening skills.  And, by improving your listening skills you are also inherently improving your speaking skills.

Close to the end of the semester, I have them fill that same evaluation out again.  By then, they have forgotten all about it and how they scored themselves the first time around.  The goal is that they have increased their score and improved their listening scores.  Most of my students did improve.  There are always the one or two that go down.  This could be due to a variety of reasons– either they lied the first time around, or they didn’t fully understand the questions, or now that they know what good listening is, they are more critical of themselves.

I also have them fill out a personal inventory.  I ask them about any prior public speaking experience, their skills and weaknesses as a speaker, their fears, and their goals.  I specifically ask them what grade they hope to achieve.  Then, as a follow-up question, I ask them how much time they plan to devote to the course.  Most of the time, the students write what they think that I want to hear– that they want an A or B and they are willing to do whatever it takes.

However, I think that some of them come to find out very quickly, that they underestimated the time necessary to achieve an A in a public speaking class.

For the last day of class, the weather was warm and I wanted to wear a new tank top that I recently purchased.  I had a few different options as to what to wear with it.  This is one of the reasons that I bought it.  Without hesitation, I could rattle off at least 4 different bottoms that I could pair the top with.  (This is a great little test when you are trying to decide whether to buy a piece of clothing.)  I opted to pair it with a coral pleated midi skirted that is on-trend right now.

Royal blue cardigan: Target. Ruffled tank top: Target. Coral pleated midi skirt: (thrifted.) Necklace: gift from mother-in-law. Silver watch: Fossil. Shell bracelet: gift from mom. Brown sandals: (unknown.)

Truth be told, I don’t love this outfit.  I don’t know why, though.  I think that I don’t love the bright blue and the pink–even though those colors are both in the abstract print.  I also feel that the shirt doesn’t look great with my skin color because I am so pale– I feel like it washes me out, and the pink skirt does nothing to help that.  I think that a turquoise colored cardigan or skirt would have been much better.

The next time I meet with this group of students will be during finals week, on our regular day and time. They do not have a paper test, they will be delivering their persuasive speeches instead.


2 comments on “Royal Blue, Coral, and Last Days

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