1 Dress; 4 Ways

Although this may be the end of this semester, that doesn’t necessarily mean the end of this blog.  Summer classes start in about 3 weeks.  But, being a student of academia, I thrive off of critical thinking and analysis.  So, true to form, that is what I will (most likely) be spending the next few weeks doing.  (That and reading Toni Morrison’s newest book, Home.)

So, let’s begin.  Last time I posted about repeating the same outfit from day one on the last day of class.  But, I also want to remind you of some other ways that I have worn this black and white dress.  It is certainly a staple in my professional wardrobe.  Last week a collegue said to me “I never see you wear the same thing twice!”  Well, that is simply not true.  I don’t actually have an endless closet, and although I am always adding to my existing wardrobe, I do wear some things twice, thrice, and even four times.

There you have it– 1 dress, 4 ways. Summer, Winter, Fall, and Spring versions of this outfit. (Sorry about the crappy “summer” photo– but look how much my pictures have improved over the past year!)


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