Spring 2012 Final Exam

Tuesday, my students had their final exam.  This section had a written final worth 150 points–the same amount as their final speech.  In my courses, speeches account for about 50% of the grade, while all of the other assignments account for the other 50%.  I try to give students who are deathly afraid of public speaking the benefit of the doubt– you can still pass the class even if you are not the world’s greatest public speaker.

The one thing that I am looking for more than anything is improvement.  I want to see my students grow.  As long as I see evidence of that, I am happy.  One thing that I did on their final exam was ask them what advice they would give themselves after having taken the class, or to a new student.  I really liked this exercise.  I think that it was beneficial to me and to the students.  I have some quotes that I can use on the first day of class for my next semester and know what advice the students would have found helpful early on.

It’s always bittersweet on the last day of class.  As much as my students put me through, I am always sad to see them go.  It always feels like it isn’t until the end that they start to see me less as an enemy and more as a valuable resource.  Things always end on a high note, but there is always that middle part of the semester where I start to question everything.

For the last day of class, I always like to wear the same outfit styled differently.

The first day of class was a different season. Then, I paired this black and white shift dress with purple accents. A 3/4 sleeved cardigan, purple earrings, and a silver and purple bracelet. I belted this dress with a simple black belt and wore black pointy-toed pumps. This is a very teacher-like outfit in my opinion.

The second time around, I styled this dress for Spring. I am wearing it without an additional layer. I have still belted it, but this time with a pop of bright pink. I have also added several bracelets. I love the way the gray bracelets mix with the three-strand pearl bracelet for a bit of an edgy look. I am also wearing open-toed strappy black sandals, sans nylons. I really, really like this version of this outfit.

Which version do you like better?


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