As I stated previously, because I am a student of academia we are driven to constantly analyze data and attempt to draw conclusions.  Whether this is achieved through quantitative methods or qualitative methods is up to the individual researcher.  I have always leaned more towards qualitative methods of research, but this catalogue is decidedly quantitative.  Below is a list of each item that I wore during the Spring 2012 semester and how many times I wore that individual item.

I’m not sure that any useful information can be gleaned from this list or really why I even created it.  But, a few thoughts did occur to me.

#1.  I have a lot of clothes.

#2. There are some items in my professional wardrobe that I didn’t even wear during the whole semester.

#3. Basics really are the foundation of a wardrobe!  Just look at how many times I wore my white button up, black dress pants, and black pumps!

Black and White Shift Dress: 2
Black and Gray Shift: 2
Black A-line dress: 1
Plaid linen dress: 1
Black and gray turtleneck dress: 1
Purple maxi dress: 1
Brown dress: 1
Black/pink flowered dress: 1
Magenta maxi dress: 1
Green/Navy dress: 1

Gray Ann Taylor blazer: 1
Black and gray blazer: 1
Navy blazer: 1
Black blazer: 1
Pink corduroy blazer: 1
Brown plaid blazer: 1

Purple Cardigan: 1
Creme colored cardigan: 2
Brown boyfriend cardigan: 2
Flowered cardigan: 1
Rolled edge creme cardigan: 1
Black sweater cardigan: 1
Magenta flowered cardigan: 1
Gray cardigan: 1
Black 3/4 sleeved cardigan: 3
Short sleeved khaki cardigan: 2

Button Up’s
Chambray button up: 2
Pink button up: 1
White button up: 4
Flowered silk button up: 1
Blue button up: 3
Magenta button up: 2
Striped short-sleeved button up: 1
Navy blue origami button up: 1
Coral button up: 1
Leopard print tie-neck button up:2
Burgundy silk tie-neck button up: 2

Teal ruched sleeve sweater: 1
Red sweater: 1
Teal sweater: 1
Brown turtleneck sweater: 1

Black and tan ruffled blouse: 1
Navy and black silk blouse: 1
Abstract print short sleeve navy silk blouse: 1
Gray printed blouse: 1
Black flowered blouse: 1

Zebra printed shell: 1
Gray turtleneck: 1
Brown turtleneck: 1
Black turtleneck: 1
Indian’s t-shirt: 1
Pink printed tank top: 1

Gray Ann Taylor trousers: 2
Brown pants: 1
Black dress pants: 3
Blue casual pants: 1
White pants: 1
Blue corduroys: 2
Khaki wide-legged pants: 1
Khaki trousers: 2
Denim trousers: 4
Black shorts: 1
Gray casual pants: 1
Blush colored trousers: 1
Casual Khaki’s: 1
Jeans: 1

Black pencil skirt: 2
Khaki corduroy skirt: 1
Gray ruched back skirt: 1
Black and gold brocade skirt: 2
Navy pencil skirt: 1
Black lace skirt: 1
Khaki pencil skirt: 2
Black pinstriped skirt suit: 1
Coral knife pleated skirt: 1

Black pointy-toed heels: 5
Black and Gray Payless shoes: 4
Black flats: 2
Black Payless Pumps: 5
Black Mary Jane Pumps: 1
Black t-strap pumps: 1
Black peep-toe wedges: 1
Black patent sandals: 1

Brown pointy-toed heels: 2
Brown oxford shoes:4
Brown flats: 1
Brown boots: 3
Brown studded pumps: 2
Brown sandals: 2

Nude pumps: 5
Bronze sandals: 1

Burgundy peep-toe pumps: 2
Converse: 1
Purple peep-toed pumps: 1

Purple scarf: 1
Purple/Brown scarf: 2
Cream printed scarf: 1
Green/Blue printed scarf: 1
Gray/Pink silk scarf: 1
Pink/magenta silk scarf: 1
What are your thoughts on this data?


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