Favorite Things

Looking back over the Spring Semester 2012, I created 44 unique outfits.  Some of them worked; some of them did not!  Here is a recap of 4 of my favorite looks from this semester (in no particular order.)

#1. This outfit makes me feel happy when I see it!  I don’t know if its the way my hair looked that day, the simple-but-pulled-together-look, or the new way that I tied the scarf that resonates with me, but I really like the way this outfit turned out.  It’s a great fall outfit.

#2. I couldn’t believe my luck when I stumbled upon this skirt at JC Penney for just a few bucks!  It is very holiday dressy, but I also knew that I could dress it down and make it appropriate for school.  This is the exact outfit that I had in my head when I purchased this skirt and it worked beautifully.  I received a ton of comments on this skirt/outfit combination.  I loved the skirt just as much when I paired it with a white button up a few weeks later.

#3. I didn’t know that this outfit was going to turn out as well as it did.  While I was getting dressed it seemed like I was putting on a lot of different pieces–dress, cardigan, belt, tights, shoes, etc.  But, everything worked together and I felt so good in this outfit!  It’s hard to tell here, but if you look at all the pictures in sequence you can tell that I was really hamming it up for the camera.  (Plus, I was having a really good hair day.)

#4. This dress was purchased to increase the  number of dresses in my wardrobe that weren’t entirely black, white, or grey.  I felt really good in this dress.  That’s one of the things about dresses that I have recently discovered– they are really easy to wear.  Also, I have on the perfect hose in this picture– you can barely tell that I am wearing any.  (Too bad I don’t remember which ones they are.)  I am so excited for the remix-ability of this dress.  I can totally see it styled for Summer, Fall, and Winter!

What do you think?  Those are my 4 favorite outfits from the semester.  Are there any outfits that you think worked really well?  Did I create any unique combos that inspired you?



One comment on “Favorite Things

  1. I am so in love with the shoes in the first look!
    How fantastic are they?!
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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