Least Favorites

Last time, I posted about my favorite outfits from Spring 2012 semester, so I think that it is only fitting that we look at the flip side: my least favorite outfits from the semester.  These are outfits that either didn’t work out as planned, turned out to be wrong for the occasion, uncomfortable, or unflattering.

Sometimes I plan my outfits ahead of time.  This helps me from having a morning where I drag out all of my clothes, switching this top for that, this skirt for those pants, etc.  Also, it helps me to make sure that my clothes are ready to wear.  I can’t tell you how many times I pulled something out of the closet only to find out that it was wrinkled, had a small stain, loose button, etc.

#1.  I know that the trilogy 50 Shades of Grey is uber-hot right now, but the multiple shades of gray in this outfit do not work.  The gray turtleneck is there to add warmth to this outfit, as are the black patterned tights and purple scarf.  Looking back, I think it would have worked out better with a black turtleneck, black opaque tights, and a black infinity scarf.

#2. Here, I attempted to incorporate a chambray shirt into my wardrobe.  I have paired it with dressier items to make it school appropriate, but it just falls short.  Also, the skirt needs to be taken in–and, not just by a wide belt.  I feel that both the skirt and the shirt are too big.  Neither one of them are fitted properly and this look just falls flat.

#3. I thought that I had the proportions of this outfit right– slim top, wide legged pants.  But, no.  I find that the pants are too wide-legged.  I feel that they look sloppy and make my bottom half appear large.  So much so, that these pants did not make the cut of the great closet clean out.  They were passed along to someone else who might enjoy them.

#4. This outfit just defied all my hopes and dreams.  It’s slightly better in this photo–without the mottled brown boyfriend cardigan.  I think the two issues here are the fit of the dress and the material.  The dress gapes and puckers in all sorts of unflattering ways in the bust.  Also, the v-neck is a little risque for school, so I added a purple tank top underneath.  Perhaps, I should have went with a brown one.  Also, the lightweight material of the dress skews this towards a casual look that even pointy-toed pumps and a silk scarf can’t dress up.

Although there are a few more outfits that I didn’t love, I’ll stop here at 4 so that we have an even number of “like” outfits and “dislike” outfits.  But, just because these elements didn’t combine to make a great outfit doesn’t mean that they are bad items.  It just means that they weren’t utilized in the best possible way.

For instance, I wore the chambray shirt a few weeks later with a blue blazer and white pants and really liked the outcome.  I remixed the gray shift with simple black accessories for finals week and felt that the dress had gotten redemption.  Last semester, I wore the black ruffled top with a black pencil skirt for a much more sophisticated look and paired it with black skinny pants and brown sandals for a casual date night look.  Lastly, the brown dress is a perfect summer sun dress– you can throw it over a bathing suit or pair it with flat sandals and casual jewelry.

What are your thoughts?  Are you in agreement with me that 4 outfits pictured above just didn’t work, or do you disagree?  Do you have any thoughts or opinions on why they did, or didn’t, work?  Suggestions for future outfits?  Leave me a comment below, I’d love your feedback.


2 comments on “Least Favorites

  1. Ashley says:

    I agree with all your comments except #4! I really liked that one. Even though none of these made my favorite list either, I think you always look fab 🙂

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