What’s in My Bag

A woman’s purse is one of those sacred spaces– so much so, that most men won’t dare to peek inside.  My BF has often asked me for some random item– a cotton swab, nail clippers, or a piece of gum– to which I’ve replied– there’s one in my purse.  This is almost always followed by him plopping my entire purse in front of me so that I can retrieve whatever random item he is after.

Most men also complain about women’s purses.  The size and the inconvenience.  And yet, they will be the first one to ask you if they can stash their stuff in your bag when you’re out and about.  What’s inside a woman’s purse can reveal a lot about the woman who carries it– just as the actual bag can shed some insight into a woman’s mind.  So, here is What’s in My Bag.

First things first!  The bag: A (new) St. John’s Bay Payton Shopper in tortoise brown purchased at JC Penney this  afternoon. What drew me to this bag was it’s luxe look and size– not to mention all the pockets and places to store my stuff.  Plus, the price was right– $35.

Now, what is inside this beautiful bag?  All the things I need to get through a typical day, and then some!

(From L to R): Purple polka-dot makeup bag. Marilyn Monroe wallet. Clinique Bonus Time make-up bag. Flowered checkbook cover. Two pens from my college. Purse sized brush. Equate acetaminophen. Colgate travel sized toothpaste. Colgate toothbrush. 2 year planner. Purse sized lint roller. Bobby pin. Bath and Body Works Charmed Life body lotion. Sunglasses. Purse hanger.

Inside the purple polka dot make-up bag is my daily make-up.  But the Clinique giveaway make-up bag is used for stowing away my feminine items.

(From L to R): Purple polka dot make-up bag, Physician’s Formula Happy Booster Glow and Mood Boosting Powder in Beige, Aveeno Smart Essentials anti-fatigue eye treatment, Clinque acne solutions liquid makeup in fresh ivory, a toothbrush, ELF foundation brush, Clinique Bonus Time free gift with purchase compact, Simple soothing eye balm, mini powder brush, Clinique high impact mascara in black, Loreal colour riche balm in rose elixir, eye shadow brush, Prestige liquid eyeliner in black/brown, and ELF blush brush.

My BF swears that this is not the entire contents of my purse.  And, he is partially right.  First, what he did not know is that I purchased a new purse.  Second, I obviously cleaned my purse out before I photographed the contents.  I mean, you don’t really need to see my fast food receipts, deposit slip confirmations, gum wrappers, and car payment book, do you?  That’s what I thought.

So, what’s in your bag?




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