First Day Summer 2012

Yesterday was the first day of an 8-week accelerated Effective Speaking course. Of course, I couldn’t sleep very well the night before. Even though I had 3 weeks between the end of Spring semester and the start of Summer semester it did sneak up on me. That and there was some concern that my class wouldn’t run. So I waited until the last week to start preparing my syllabus and everything else. Also, I had some anxiety because I had never been to the satellite campus where I would be teaching. I sent an e-mail to the building administrator asking about the use of a copy machine, computer, projector, etc. But, I had to be there for class at 9 and that meant leaving the house at 8. So, I was up bright and early at 6:30 a.m.

Class went well. We covered the syllabus, chapter 3: critical listening, and started chapter 1: speech and speaking in higher education. I did start to get a sore throat after talking for nearly 2 1/2 hours! My class meets from 9am-11:25am on Monday and Wednesday. I had 16 students on the attendance sheet, but I only had 10 students show up to class. Afterward, I had an e-mail from a student explaining why they missed the first class. It looks like I may have about 11 to start out the semester.

For the first day I wanted something that was professional but not too uptight or stuffy. Plus, besides the initial “first impression” factor I don’t think that students remember what I wore the first day of class. I’m not even that sure if I would remember if I wasn’t cataloging it for you and I, here. I was inspired by this look that I saw on Pinterest and pinned to my Outfit Inspiration Board.

I think that the outfit worked very well. I was comfortable and confident, but I still felt appropriately dressed. I also think that this type of outfit, in contrast to the first day outfits from Spring semester, make me seem more approachable. (But, maybe that’s a misconception that I have.) I didn’t add a necklace to my outfit, or unbutton my shirt as in the inspiration photo. I did roll up my sleeves to make the black dress shirt more summery and casual. Also, my pants are trouser style and not slim-cut cuffed ankle pants, but I still think it works just the same. Lastly, I am wearing a wider belt because a thinner one would just slide around in the belt loops and look silly. (I know because I tried it.)

What do you think of my first day outfit choice for Summer 2012? Do you think that it is a winner? Please respond with your comments, I’d love to hear them. (Unless they are mean, and then they will probably hurt my feelings.)


4 comments on “First Day Summer 2012

  1. Ashley says:

    I like it! 🙂 I might have to go buy a similar pair of pants. Are they peach or tan btw? Either way, I love the outfit!

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