Purple Ties in the Summertime

On Monday, I lectured over chapter 6: finding an using research material and chapter 7: outlining.  It was a very rough morning, to say the least.  A few of my students were missing.  Some of them were falling asleep.  And the others were either uninterested and tuning me out or completely lost and tuning me out.  I felt like I had to drag the students through the material in chapter 6.  I could tell that not many of them had completed the assigned readings.

We barely had time to get through the key ideas in chapter 7– which is a very important chapter considering that their outlines are due on Wednesday.  Also, I had two worksheets that I wanted them to complete and go over in class, but that didn’t happen either.  I ended up rushing through chapter 7 and assigning the two worksheets for homework.  I also warned them that if they continued not reading I would start giving pop quizzes.  They didn’t like that idea very much, so I hope over the next few class periods I see an improvement.

I knew that I wanted to wear my purple silk tie-neck blouse this semester.  I couldn’t believe that I didn’t wear it even once during the entire Spring semester.  It’s one of my favorite shirts and I feel like I wear it all the time, but clearly I don’t.  I paired it with a pair of basic gray trousers and one of my new thrift store finds–a pair of grey sling-back pointy toed pumps.  The outfit worked very well.  I was comfortable for the whole day and felt appropriately dressed.

Purple silk blouse: J.C. Penney. Cream camisole: gift from mother-in-law. Gray trouser pants: (thrifted.) Black belt: Wal-Mart. Gray pumps: (thrifted.) Silver earrings: J.C. Penney. Silver Watch: Fossil.

Are there any pieces of clothing that you wear to death, but really don’t? Or, is the opposite true? You don’t think that you wear something all the time, but yet you always seem to be wearing it in every picture you see of yourself? It’s like when you got back your picture package in school and you were wearing the same outfit. Ughh, how embarrassing!


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