Thrifting: Blue and Green

As promised, and a little overdue, here are the items I scored on my last thrift store run!  The half-off colors of the day were blue and green.  But, wouldn’t you know it that everything I fell in love with was not a blue or green tag?!  Coincidently, they were mostly yellow tags.  Sure I could figure out when yellow tag day is and go back, but it’s not like a regular priced store– you’ve got to grab the goodies when you’re lucky enough to find them.  Being half-off is just the icing on the cake.

For this thrift store visit, the wanted item was silk blouses.  I have been pinning tons of pins on Pinterest with button-up silk blouses and shorts.  But, that is not what this visit yielded.

1. Gray Sam and Libby sling-back pointy-toed pumps $6.00
2. Belts (unknown brand) 10 cents each
3. White Keds look-alikes $3.00

I wasn’t looking for shoes, but when I spotted these gray beauties in great condition and my size, I knew I had to put them in the cart. Whether or not I would actually purchase them would be determined later. Belts are always so expensive– they retail for around $12 at Target. That’s a bit much for me, but I can handle ten cents. I try to pick up belts in different lengths, widths, and colors whenever I go to the thrift store. Lastly, white leather tennis shoes are hard to come by for under $10 bucks. I used to always wear white Ked-like tennis shoes in the summer. Then, I kind of stopped wearing shorts for a long time. But, whether it was nostalgia or what, these went into the cart, too.


4. New York & Co. Dark Khaki Skirt $6.50 (half-off)=$3.25
5. The Limited Light Khaki Skirt $6.00
6. Navy silk button-up (unknown brand)$2.00 (half-off)=$1.00
7. Talbots White Trousers $6.00

These two skirts were both too good to pass up. First, they were name brand–which is a huge plus for me.  And they were my correct size.  Let’s face it–there are sometimes I buy something at the Goodwill that may be a tad too big or too small because it is so cheap.  I am trying to break myself of that habit, though, because I just end up wearing it once (or not at all) and recycling it back into the clothes universe.

The navy silk button up was the only silk button up that I found with any real possibility.  It didn’t have a brand name or a size, but I tried it on over my shirt and it seemed to work out.  Plus, it was only a $1 if it didn’t.  I was willing to gamble a dollar.  I know, I’m crazy!  And the last item is these white trousers.  I liked the fact that they are dressy white pants, as opposed to my white jeans, and again–they are name brand.  Talbots!  Also, they are fully lined, which is a big plus in my book.  I’ve never purchased anything from Talbots, so I’m not sure what my correct size is in their clothing, but these were close enough to the size I normally wear so I went for it.  Like many thrift stores, mine does not have a dressing room.

At first it is an inconvenience, but then you adapt and overcome.  There is a full length mirror where I usually try on items over my clothes.  That works for a lot of shirts and skirts, but not usually for pants.  I use the old trick of holding them up to my waist and making sure that they at least wrap around halfway.  This gives you a good indication of whether or not they will fit.  I’ve also heard that you can wrap the waist around your neck for the same purpose, but I think that’s taking it a bit far.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t spend $6 or $7 dollars on an item at the thrift store, but sometimes you just gotta know when something is worth it.  For me, it’s name brand items in great condition and my correct size.  All told, I ended up spending $27 for 2 name brand skirts, 1 pair of name brand trousers, 1 pair of name brand shoes, 1 silk shirt, 2 belts, and 1 pair of casual shoes.  You couldn’t even look at those Talbots pants for $27, so I was tickled pink with my finds.  So much so, that I’ve worn many of them even before I could get this post up!

What do you think of my new-to-me items?


One comment on “Thrifting: Blue and Green

  1. Awwww, thank you for linking me! Your post is all too familiar to me…. finding awesome pieces for dirt cheap! It’s the greatest feeling! Congrats!

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