Audience Analysis and Speeches to Inform

Wednesday my students turned in their outlines (their first big assignment) and I lectured over audience analysis and informative speeches.  On Monday I noticed that my students were spending all their time frantically writing the information on the Power Point slide rather than listening to the information that I was saying.  So, I opted not to use the Power Point for chapter 12: informative speeches and used the dry erase board instead.  This meant that I could spoon feed them the information and write on the board the key words or phrases that I wanted them to have in their notes.

It worked but, I didn’t want to push them too far out of their comfort zone and what they’ve come to expect, so I did use the Power Point for chapter 5: audience analysis.  For the first time, we were actually able to get through two chapters and have a bit of time left over.  I went over the two worksheets that I assigned them for homework on Monday and I kicked off the class with a 12 question quiz over the material covered on Monday.

I hope that it is a sign that more of them read the material before class and were prepared.  But, that might just be wishful thinking on my part!  For class, I wore one of my new-to-me thrift store finds.  I paired it with a blue button up with french cuffs and nude heels.  I wore the sleeves rolled up so it didn’t look so stuffy and because its hot!

Blue button-up: J.C. Penney. Blue bauble necklace: Elder Beerman. Silver zodiac necklace: Target. Khaki skirt: (thrifted.) Nude pumps: target. Silver earrings: J.C. Penney. Silver watch: Fossil.

I really like pairing this blue bauble necklace with this blue dress shirt.  It matches with the blue so well!  But, to mix it up a little and make it different from the last time I wore this shirt, I also added another necklace.  I don’t usually wear multiple necklaces, but I see a lot of other women who do and I really like the look.  I liked this outfit a lot.  I even got a compliment on it from one of my students who said I “looked nice.”

What do you think? Do you accessorize certain outfits with the same pieces of jewelry? Or do you tend to mix it up?


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