Here are two casual (re:non-teaching) outfits that I wore the last week.  The first outfit I wore on Thursday Night Date Night: Errands.  Sometimes our date nights are not very exciting.  This happened to be one of those times.  My BF and I had to take care of a lot of business.  First, we went to J.C. Penney for a massive shopping spree.  Sadly, it was not for me.  It was for my BF.  He hates shopping and literally only shops for himself probably 3 times a year.  But, it just so happened that there were tons of Father’s Day sales and he needed some new summer clothes so I drug him to the store.

He got quite a bit of new clothes– several pairs of shorts, t-shirts to go with them, two pairs of sunglasses, a new pair of swimming trunks, two pair of dress pants for work, and a nice long-sleeve dress shirt.  For most of the trip he walked around acting like I was torturing him!  When we checked out the total was over $200– but this boy hoards gift cards like nobody’s business.  (I felt bad for the poor cashier who kept trying to get him to open a credit card).  After his hoard of gift cards was cashed in, he had to pay a measly $24.00 out of pocket!

But, I am super proud of myself.  I didn’t even go into the women’s section to browse.  I think I should be rewarded with a guilt-free shopping trip just for abstaining!

After clothes shopping we went to dinner at Chili’s.  We are both trying to get back into swimsuit shape, so we have been working out and watching what we eat.  However, we have the hardest time when we go out to eat at restaurants.  Besides plain grilled chicken or fish and vegetables, it seems like there is never anything truly healthy on the menu.

Our errand running continued after dinner with a stop at Target.  We have been on the look out for a small table for our balcony.  I had been at Target earlier that day and saw a few that I thought would be good, but was reticent to make a purchasing decision without the BF’s input.  So, we went to Target, I showed him the tables, he concurred that two of them would work, and then we left empty-handed.  Our last stop of the night was the grocery store.  We needed some staples–milk, bread, eggs, etc. and we had to get the ingredients for the dish we planned to take to a Father’s Day get-together.

My BF made what he likes to call Cherries and Cheese.  No, its not what it sounds like.  It is cherry tomatoes, mozarella cheese, shallots, salt & pepper, olive oil and thyme.  It’s a great summertime side dish– it’s seasonal, healthy, and delicious!

The second outfit is from the Father’s Day get-together at my BF’s parents.  Sunday was partly cloudy and a little drizzly so my original idea of a long maxi dress was scratched.  Because of the weather, I knew that I wanted to wear pants.  I’ve been to gatherings at their house before and I know from experience that the air conditioning is always cranked up.  I am what you call a freeze-baby– I am very susceptible to getting cold.  I would much rather be hot than cold.  That’s why you’ll always see me grabbing a cardigan or light jacket to throw over any outfit in case I get cold.  That’s another reason why I hardly wear shorts in the summertime.  I’m fine outside in the warmth, but once I go inside a restaurant or store and they’ve got the air cranked up I am cold and uncomfortable.

I paired my jeans with a short-sleeved burgundy silk top and a cream colored cami underneath.  This outfit was a little dressed up, but still casual enough for the occasion.  I paired it with gold and brown accessories.

Don’t worry, I saw my dad on Saturday and gave him his Father’s Day present.
What do you think? Are there certain places that you go where you know it will be hot or cold and you have to take that in to consideration when getting dressed? What factors do you take in to consideration when dressing up for certain events?


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