Back on Track

Last week I mentioned that I had been having a few trying days in the classroom, but I feel like we are back on track!  Last Wednesday the students delivered their Demonstrative Speeches and afterwards I continued our foray into Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.

On Monday, I finished up talking about the other half of the chapter– motive needs, motivational appeals, motive clusters, and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  It was nice to be able to enjoy a much slower pace and to have the information build on each other–rather than just feel like I am force feeding a toddler.

Over the weekend, I had some time to play in my closet.  One of the things that I did was to create different Summer outfits.  Most of them were comprised of skirts or dresses and could be dressed up for class or dressed down for a Summertime date.  I don’t always have the time to create outfits, but when I do I feel a lot better about what I am wearing.  There are sometimes where I have an idea for an outfit but when I get out all the pieces and put them on, it doesn’t actually work the way that I thought it would.

Sometimes it might be because a top is too casual for a skirt, or the fabric is too heavy or light for the season, the color palette could be off, or it just may not work out.  I’ve had to veto outfits because a skirt was too sheer, a top wasn’t long enough to tuck in, or I discovered that an item of clothing needed: ironed, mended, washed, etc.  Plus, when I  plan outfits, I can try them on with different accessories– this wide belt or that skinny belt, this sandal or that pointy-toed pump, this necklace or that bracelet, etc. to create just the look that I am after.

If I wait until the morning to get dressed before class, I am leaving this all to chance!  And, while some really cool style choices have been borne from the threat of being late for class, I more often find that I get more duds than firecrackers that way.

July 16, 2012
White t-shirt: Target. Necklace: gift from mother-in-law. Blue silk skirt: Old Navy. Nude wedges: Target. Silver watch: Fossil.

This outfit was one of those that I had preplanned.  But, it didn’t go off without a hitch.  I was originally going to wear this white t-shirt with my coral colored knife-pleated skirt.  I even had the outfit on with my mint J.Crew knock-off bubble necklace.  But, somehow while drying my hair, I screwed up the permanent press of the pleats on the skirt and managed to smudge something or other on the skirt.  So, I had to re-think my outfit for the day.  This outfit was one that I had been toying with a few weeks back when I was trying to incorporate my new sparkly gold heels into an outfit.

Funny story.  I had on a white t-shirt and this blue skirt with a long 3-strand gold necklace, dangly gold earrings, a gold watch, and my new sparkly gold shoes.  I was feeling pretty hot-to-trot.  And then, I was doing my makeup and I accidentally smeared makeup on my white t-shirt.  I immediately took it off and started trying to get the stain out.  I sprayed it liberally with SHOUT! and put it into the laundry.  A few days later, I laundered it with my other whites, but much to my dismay the makeup stain did not come out.  I was disappointed, but that’s the way with white t-shirts.

The next time I was at Target I picked up this new white t-shirt.  I paired it with this skirt and wore it to school.  I did not have time to take outfit photo’s, so I opted to do them after class.  When I got home, my couch was singing a siren song and so I took a short (2 hour) nap.  When I awoke, I decided to take my outfit pictures.  I spruced up my hair and was freshening up my makeup when all of a sudden, my foundation bottle sputtered out it’s last contents.  And drops of foundation landed on my new white shirt.  I immediately took it off and started trying to get the stain out.  I sprayed it liberally with SHOUT! and rinsed it with cold water.  Then, I used a Tide stain remover pen.  These two products were not working.  I busted out the big guns: the bleach bottle and tried to dab off the spot and bleach it with a bleached soaked cotton swab.  I laid it flat and prayed that the makeup would come out.

Guess what?  It didn’t.  Stay put makeup is great for my face, not so much for my white t-shirts.  White t-shirts: 2, Carla: 0.  Nevertheless, on Tuesday I put this outfit on and took my outfit photo’s.  As I was putting the finishing touches on my hair and makeup, you’ll never guess what happened.  Yep.  I dribbled lip gloss down the front of my shirt.  If you look closely you may be able to see the lip gloss and the foundation, but I’m pretty savvy with Photoshop so my hope is that you cannot see the stains.  Now, if I only had Photoshop for real life!

P.S. I did pick up another new white t-shirt at Old Navy yesterday.  This one is a boat neck style with two adorable buttons at the neck/shoulder of each side.  We’ll see if I can manage to wear this one on the blog without ruining it.  And, I thought I was doing so well with white clothing–I managed to wear these pants and this shirt without incident.


2 comments on “Back on Track

  1. Pretty funny! It never fails, huh? I avoid white shirts at all costs! I bought some dye at Joann’s that I am going to use on some of my stained shirts. I don’t know if it’ll work but it’s worth a shot.

  2. wildacademicwoman says:

    Just found your blog. Very nice. I like your outfits–I’m already getting some ideas for my TA assignment in the fall. Thanks!

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