The In-Between

It’s that glorious time for me: The In-Between.  I am currently in between the Summer 2012 and Fall 2012 Semester.  I have about a three-week break before classes start back up again.  But, that is not to say that I am officially relieved of any school-related duties.  The week before classes begin is Start Up week.  During Start Up week there are meet n’ greets, department meetings, division meetings, orientations, committee meetings, and everything else under the sun!  Sometimes it almost feels as if class starts a week before it actually does.  Not to mention the fact that I have to turn in all the end of semester paperwork for Summer semester and my syllabi for Fall semester.

So, in between time is not boring!  But, without the structure of going to class 2 x’s a week, I do find my schedule to be a lot more relaxed and accommodating.  One of the things that I am doing during this downtime is some gold ‘ol fashioned cleaning.  I have tried to go through many of the junk collection area’s of my apartment and purge the unnecessary stuff that has accumulated.  I started in our office room.  I have already gone through the drawers on my sewing machine table, the drawers in my office desk, and the two large cardboard boxes underneath of my desk.  I still want to go through the bookshelves above the desk in the office, the cabinet in the office desk, and the printer stand.  Lastly, I have a ton of school papers that I want to organize by semester and class and store.  I have also gone through the linen cabinet in the office.

Next, I turned my attention to the bedroom.  I went through the bedroom closet storage.  This included the bed linens and other random items that made their way onto the shelves above the clothes.  I also rearranged my BF’s clothes and the items that sit on the floor to make better use of the space.  (My clothes are kept in the hall closet.)  After the closet, I cleaned out under the bed.  This meant sorting through more mismatched sheet sets, sewing and craft project containers, and my winter clothes.  I keep my folded clothes in a dresser in out bedroom, and the rest of my clothes are in the hall closet.  I don’t have much space and I have a ton of clothes, so the out of season items I store under the bed in large vinyl clothes storage bags.   I went through my Fall/Winter wardrobe in February, so there wasn’t a whole lot that I had to really do with the storage bags under the bed.  I did, however, manage to eliminate one.

Before I rotate the Fall/Winter clothes back to the drawers and closet, I want to go through the Spring/Summer clothes.  There are a lot of items that I haven’t worn this season that will either be tossed, or marked to be purged.  While reading several organizational blogs I came across a really good tip that I think I will incorporate.  You take a tag, or some type of flag, and mark any items that you are on the fence about.  Then, when you wear the item you remove the mark.  At the end of the season, any items with tags still on are removed.  Isn’t that a great idea for those of you that don’t document your outfits on a style blog to keep track of the last time you wore something?  Oh, and as an update to that post in February, only wore two of the three items that made it from the Maybe pile to the closet.  Therefore, it is time to let the gray short-sleeved shirtdress go.

The closet organization that I came up with in February was a good starting point, but I don’t think that it is the end all be all of my closet organization.  Recently, I have purchased some hangers that will hold multiple pairs of pants and skirts.  I think that this will be beneficial for me because I have two or three pairs of black pants, two or three different types of black skirts, so on and so forth.  Also, I never did manage to organize the space on top of the shelf in my closet to house my purses and bags.  Lastly, the clear pocket organizer that I was using for scarves and belts just wasn’t an effective system.  It didn’t hang right in my closet and it was always too dark to see the belts.    So, these are the things that I want to improve in my closet.

So, that’s really about it.  In the few weeks between classes, I am re-organizing several area’s in my apartment, shopping for some Fall wardrobe items, preparing for Fall semester, and watching the Olympics.


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