Best and Worst: Sumer 2012

Although this was a short semester, only 8 weeks compared to the normal 16, there were still some outfits that I ended up being totally in love with and those that left me feeling a little like I didn’t want to post a picture on the blog.  But, so is life!  Some days you feel great and you want to shout from the rooftops and say, “Look at me, World!”  and other days you just want to pull the blankets over your head and snuggle with your cat.  Here is the round up!

Least Favorite

I guess I really only have one outfit to put into this category.  When I look over the Summer 2012 Gallery there are certainly outfits that jump out at me in a good way, and ones that I don’t love, but I really don’t hate them, either.  But this one, I kind of do hate.  It just didn’t work out the way that I had hoped.  I don’t know if it’s the pants, the pant and shoe combination, my hair, or what, but I have a negative gut reaction to this outfit!


On the flip side, these are the outfits when I look at the gallery that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

What I like about this outfit is that everything just comes together seamlessly.  I like the classic blue button up, the light khaki colored skirt with the sailor-esque button embellishment, the nude pumps, the casual but polished rolled sleeves, the blue bauble necklace, and the hairstlye.  There isn’t really anything about his outfit that I don’t like!

This is another outfit where everything just works together beautifully!  I love the wearability of this ruffled tanktop.  It is soft and comfortable and has a lot of colors mixed in to the print to pull out and mix and match.  With it being Summer, I wanted to keep things cool and comfortable with these blush colored trousers.  My classroom was air-conditioned so I always needed a cardigan, or layering piece, to keep comfortable.  Lastly, the pointy-toed heels finish off the look nicely.  I am wearing my hair straight with just a slight bend and minimal jewelry.

The other 13 outfits don’t elicit strong feelings in me.  I could go through and categorize them all if I had to– and I would come up with 5 that I dislike and 8 that I like, but it’s murky and gray territory for these other 13 outfits.

What about you?  Do you agree with my least favorite pick?  Or, was there a different outfit that was your least favorite?  And what about my favorites?  Are these the top two choices in your mind?

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