Inventory: Summer 2012

Ack!  I’m at it again.  Taking inventory of what I wore during a semester.  I really don’t know why I do it, but it’s another way for me to see what I wear rather than just visually.  Plus, it certainly helps with computing cost-per-wear.  (You know, dividing the total cost of an item by the number of times that you wear it.)  Obviously, cost-per-wear, CPW, is like golf–the lower the score, the better.  You can achieve a low CPW in one of two ways: buying items cheaply, or wearing them a ton.  There are caveats to both of these methods, however.

1. If you buy clothes that are cheap, chances are they are cheaply made and will fall apart or start to look worn out quickly.  Or, they will be trends or fads that don’t last longer than 3 months and you are forced to retire them or face ridicule.

2. Wearing the same thing a ton can lead to boredom, an expensive laundry bill, or make people think that you only have 3 items in your wardrobe.

Of course both of these scenario’s are bad.  The trick is to find balance between the two.

Not all of us can afford designer duds.  Many of us cannot afford to buy from J. Crew, Express, The Limited, or Ann Taylor, either.  That latter list includes myself.  Most All of the items that I have from these stores have come from second-hand shops or thrift stores.  And I am O.K. with that!

The second way to achieve balance is to wear the clothes that you have.  Having this blog is great because it is sort of an unwritten challenge to wear an item differently each time to show you the versatility of my closet.  Of course, this is sometimes easier said than done.  And, I couldn’t do it without the help of reading other style blogs and Pinterest.  But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear the same outfit twice.  (Or me for that matter!)  Also, by taking stock of what I have worn during a semester it helps me to further evaluate my closet.  What are the workhorse items of my closet?  What items have not been paying their dues?  When cleaning out a closet this can really help you purge the items that you don’t wear.  (Even if sometimes you have an emotional connection to the item.)  Also, this can help with shopping.

The items that create the backbone of your wardrobe are the items that you should spend a little more on.  For example, a classic white button-up shirt, a khaki pencil skirt, and black pumps.  Also, if you purchase something and find that it works really well in your wardrobe, it may be wise to purchase the same item in multiple colors or patterns.  For me, the french cuff, button up shirts made by Worthington and available at J.C. Penney and the pencil skirt by Merona at Target are great examples.  I have the shirt in white, light blue, light pink, and magenta.  I have the pencil skirt in black and khaki, and have been keeping my eye out for a sale on the dark denim one.

So, without further ado, here is the inventory list for Summer 2012.  Luckily this list didn’t take nearly as long to compile as the Spring 2012 list!

Black A-line dress: 1
Black/pink flowered dress: 1
Green/Navy dress: 1

Black 3/4 sleeved cardigan: 1
Short sleeved khaki cardigan: 1
Short sleeved white cardigan: 1
Short sleeved coral cardigan: 1

Button Up’s
White button up: 1
Blue button up: 1
Striped short-sleeved button up: 1
Leopard print tie-neck button up: 1
Burgundy silk tie-neck button up: 1
Black button up: 1
Blue silk button up: 1
Purple silk tie-neck button up: 1

Pink ruffled printed tank top: 1
Sleeveless polka dot button up: 1
White t-shirt: 1
Cayman Islands t-shirt: 1

Gray Ann Taylor trousers: 1
Black dress pants: 1
Blue cigarette pants: 1
White trousers: 1
Denim trousers: 1
Blush colored trousers: 2
Jeans: 1

Dark Khaki pencil skirt: 2
Blue silk skirt: 1
Light Khaki pencil skirt: 1

Black pointy-toed heels: 1
Black peep-toe wedges: 2

Brown pointy-toed heels: 2
Brown studded pumps: 1

Nude pumps: 2
Nude peep-toe wedges: 2

Red patent ballet flats: 2
Burgundy peep-toe pumps: 2
Deck shoes: 1

I happen to think that this data mining is very interesting!  I am working on creating a spreadsheet that inventories all of my clothes and keeps track of the number of times that I’ve worn something.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

I didn’t wear my dresses or tops multiple times, but it was such a short semester that I didn’t need to.  Also, you have to remember that I continually add new items into the mix!  But, there were some clear winners in the Bottoms category.  Namely, the blush colored trousers and the dark khaki skirt with the buckle embellishment that I wore twice, each.  In the shoe category, you can see a shift towards the lighter colors.  I wore my nude pumps and nude peep-toed wedges twice, each.  I also wore a red(ish) shoe 4 times, and my brown pointy-toed pumps twice.  If you look back at the Spring 2012 Semester you can see that I wore black shoes most often.

This will really help with my closet organization project.  What I can now do it so see the combined number of times that I have worn items during Spring and Summer to really help me whittle down what I keep on my closet.  It can be hard to do this across seasons, though.  The weather in my state can be quite unpredictable.  The clothes that I have worn a lot will definitely be around for another season.  Those that I haven’t worn most likely will not.  It is just about time for me to store away mu Summer and Spring clothes and start pulling out my transitional pieces.  I have already been pinning lots of Fall outfit inspirations on Pinterest and keeping an eye out for what’s in stores.

Well, that’s it for my quantitative view of Summer 2012.  I will try to have some outfit pictures up for you guys soon.  Trust me, I am still wearing clothes on a daily basis, they just aren’t always blog worthy.  Mostly, I have just been trying to enjoy the break between semesters, read my new textbook for Fall (it’s 18 chapters), complete my syllabus, and clean/re-organize my closet.

Oh, and I recently purchased a new MacBook Pro, so I’ve been spending a lot of time playing on this beauty.

How about you?  How are you spending the last month of summer?


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