As the temperatures slowly start to drop and I see and hear advertisements for school uniforms, jeans, and inexpensive dorm items I start to get excited for the upcoming Fall semester.  Wednesday I submitted my syllabus to my mentor for approval, got my nails done, and went to Target.  I have been slowly collecting Fall outfit idea’s on Pinterest, much like everyone else!

I bought three items at Target; a long-sleeve boyfriend style mustard-colored cardigan, a pair of grey trouser style pants, and a silky horizontal striped tank top.  The cardigan and pants are new items for Fall, but the tank top is more of a summer-time item.  (Although, it would make a wonderful layering piece, I bought it mostly to take on vacation to Florida this Fall.)  All 3 items were on sale, too!

I do not own anything in mustard yellow which made it that much more of a surprising buy.  But, two of my recent pins on Pinterest involved Fall colored cardigans.  Plus, I think it will add more depth and interest to my wardrobe.  And it was $15.  Immediately after I got home I searched Pinterest for “mustard cardigan” and created this board.  And then I re-created several of the looks that I pinned with my new mustard cardigan and items that I already had in my closet.

Check it out:

Yes, I am wearing two different shoes in both of the bottom pictures, your eyes are not deceiving you.  I couldn’t decide between the brown studded pumps and the burgundy peep-toe pumps with the plaid linen dress.  I think that both of them look good.  In the right hand picture I liked both the round toe pumps and the pointy-toed pumps, so I wanted to show the outfit with both options.

I know that not everyone thinks that Fashion and clothes are fun and enjoy looking at magazines and Pinterest and spending the time and effort looking for alternate ways to wear clothing items– but I certainly do!  And, it’s not that hard or time consuming to come up with interesting ways to wear items.  Could I have shown you a photograph of an outfit comprised of a white button-up, khaki pants and brown pumps–yes, but I think that it is the type of outfit that everyone can come up with on their own– you don’t need me to show you pictures of no-brainer outfits like that!

Stay tuned for more photo collages– at least one with my new striped tank top!


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