Happy 1st Birthday, Teach in Style

Candles spell out the traditional English birt...

Today, err, yesterday (?) marks the one year birthday of Teach in Style.  I put up my very first post on 8/27/11 announcing my blog to the world, and my first content post followed the next day with the outfit that I wore my first day of teaching at my current college.

It hardly seems like this is something that I have been doing for a year, but it is.  I’ve put up about 150 posts in that time span, which means that I average about a post every 2 1/2 days.  Not all of my posts are outfit posts.  Some of them are DIY projects, rants and raves, organization endeavors and shopping hauls.  Some posts are more visual, some posts are more wordy.  Some posts are vague, while others put it all out there for you to read. I have tried to bring you interesting and unique content with each and every post.

And, I’ve enjoyed the last year of blogging and I will continue to blog for as long as it brings me joy.

I have learned a lot in the past year about photography and blogging.  Along the way I’ve gotten some very good advice from fellow bloggers (Thanks, Jessica Quirk), family and friends.  Even when I didn’t want it!  But, all of the comments, suggestions, and advice have made this blog a better place.  I have developed my own style sheet and rules for formatting content in the high hopes that my readership will continue to grow.

And it has!

I am overwhelmed sometimes to see how many people have visited my little part of the world wide web and read what I have to say.  (Or at least stay long enough to look at the pictures.)  And for that, dear readers, I can’t thank you enough.  Sorry there isn’t any real birthday cake for everyone to enjoy.


p.s. Stay tuned for the winning outfit from the first day poll!



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