Then and Now: Labor Day

Although I just posted all about celebrating my blog’s one year anniversary, it’s still a little weird to think that I’ve been documenting my outfits for that long.  And, I just had my first experience where I could compare what I wore last year with what I wore this year for a certain event.

Last year, my BF and I went to my aunt and uncle’s for a Labor Day get-together.  This year we did practically the same thing, except that it was on Sunday instead of Monday.  (They’re basically the same, though.)  I didn’t stress out about what I was going to wear as much as last year because it was the beginning of my blog and I wanted to create fun and interesting outfits to blog about.  But, without knowing it, my outfits shared some similarities.

While we were hanging out at my aunt and uncle’s they mentioned their get-together last year.  And then I remembered that it was colder and rainy than it was this year.  I remembered sitting around the fire pit on their patio and being chilly.  I had on a lightweight sweater and grabbed a blazer on my way out the door, and lucky that I did!

Like I said, without even knowing it, I duplicated the horizontal navy striped shirt two years in a row.  However, I did style them differently.









You can see that last year (left) I went with white jeans, brown ballet flats, and silver jewelry. This year (right) I went with a mustard colored boyfriend cardigan, dark-wash denim jeans, tan deck shoes, and minimal jewelry.

I guess in some deep recess of my mind Labor Day = navy stripes. What about you? Do you find yourself repeating certain style conventions, either consciously, or sub-consciously?



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