Friday Duplicates

Sometimes I come up with multiple styling options for one piece of clothing.  It’s a fun rainy day activity to take a piece of clothing and see how you can manipulate it to work in different outfits.  Can you tuck it in to make it look and feel different?  Can you wear it in a different type of outfit than it is intended–work wear, casual, day vs night, etc.  But sometimes this works against me!

I have so many ways to wear one piece of clothing that it is all that I want to do– wear my new creations.  But, I can’t do that.  People frown upon the idea of wearing the same piece of clothing everyday.  I can get away with wearing the same outfit or piece of clothing twice in close proximity if I know that I am not going to see the same people, but other than that it’s a no go.  People will think that you don’t wash your clothes.  And then they will think that you are gross and make up mean nicknames behind your back.

And let’s face it, I have an entire closet full of clothes so I don’t need to be wearing the same item over and over again.  That’s the story behind this dress.  The last time that I wore it I brainstormed two or three additional ways to wear it for the upcoming Fall/Winter season.  And I’ve practically been counting the days until I could wear it again.  I thought that I wore this dress on a tuesday/thursday but I just figured out that I wore it on a friday!  It’s a good thing that I waited three weeks before wearing it again.  (I told you that I was having a rough week.)

Jean jacket: Wal-Mart. Feather earrings: Charlotte Russe.(?) Black flowered dress: Target. Black v-neck shirt: Target. Bubble necklace: E-bay. Brown belt: (thrifted.) Green socks: Target. Brown boots: Old Navy.

I really liked this outfit, but the dress felt short.  I don’t know if it was because I had bare legs (except for the socks), or what. I thought about wearing my bubble necklace– I even took half of my pictures with it on, but it didn’t read the way that I wanted it to.  I thought that the necklace would match the green in the dress and the green socks a little better, but they were two far off in my opinion to look right.  So, I went without the necklace this time around.  I’ll have to come up with a different outfit to wear my bubble necklace.

My Friday class is behind my T/TR class in some things, and ahead of them in others.  It mostly has to do with the number of speeches and requirements that dictate what chapters we cover and when.  In my Friday class we talked about introductions and conclusions and presentation aids.  It’s a requirement for my Friday class that they have a presentation for their first speech but not for my T/TR class.  I also duplicated the funny question game in this class, as well.  They were a little bit more receptive to it, thankfully.

Now that the week is done, I have a stack of outlines to grade, a handful of quizzes, lecture to prepare, and items to prepare for the printer’s.  Oh yeah, and working at my other job most of the weekend.  Ahh, I must remind myself that I am grateful and blessed to have two jobs– especially when some people don’t even have one.



All About the Bling!

Last Saturday, I received my knock-off J. Crew Bubble necklace in the mail.  I purchased it off e-bay for $15.  There were several retailers to choose from and a myriad of colors available.  I chose a turquoise/minty color.  They also had a hot pink one that I was really fond of, but I wanted to just order one to start with in case it wasn’t everything that I had hoped it would be.

Sadly, I do have to admit that my longing for this necklace is due to its popularity with other style bloggers that I follow.  I have seen this necklace on nearly every one of these girls and hundreds of pins on Pinterest.  I have also read a handful of DIY posts on this iconic necklace, and even tried to replicate it myself.  (It didn’t work.  I was very sad.)

But it felt like Christmas when it came.  And I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that on Monday I wanted to create an outfit that hinged on this necklace.  First, I paired it with a white button-up shirt and a coral knife pleated skirt.  However, I couldn’t find my wide brown belt to finish off the look, the shirt wasn’t staying tucked in to the skirt, and the skirt was more sheer than I seem to recall.  I knew that all these little annoyances would make me uncomfortable and that is something that I just won’t put up with.  So, I changed.

Instead, I wore this mod-looking dress that I thrifted a while back.  The navy, white, and mint seemed perfect for a warm summer day.  And, it was a near match to my new necklace!  I accessorized with a tan and gold belt, nude pumps, and a gold watch and hoop earrings.  To top off the look I added some coral lipstick.  I actually wore a white short-sleeved cardigan over the dress while teaching–my classroom is air-conditioned, thank goodness, but I neglected to take any photo’s with the cardigan on.  Mea culpa.

Dress: (thrifted.) Necklace: e-bay. Belt: (thrifted.) Gold earrings: Charlotte Russe. Gold watch: Wal-Mart. Nude pumps: Target.

Do you ever do that? Do you create an entire outfit around one piece or accessory? Sometimes, I find it easier to build an outfit when I have a starting point. I think the next time I wear this necklace, I want to wear it with contrasting colors.

Motivational Appeals and Senioritis

Today was a bit of a trying day, which was sad because I was in an awesome mood.  Yesterday I received a call from my department chair to say that she had some classes available for Fall.  If you recall, the Fall schedule was booked before it made it to me.  So, I was completely overjoyed.  She had a total of 5 classes, but I only took 3 because they were all on different days with large gaps.  Two of the three are on tuesday and thursday evening (4:00-5:15, and 7:30-8:45) and the third one is on Friday (9-11:50 am). But that’s not all.  They are both on the main campus.

Needless to say, I was stoked–and the weather report called for a beautiful Spring day.  I had two students who didn’t give their demonstration speeches last week that were scheduled to present today (long story), and then we were going to finish up chapter 13 on persuasive speaking.  I had also intended to show them some more video’s using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.

And that’s where things started to unravel.  I got an e-mail from one of the students scheduled to speak that she was going to be absent due to illness and the other student told me at the beginning of class that she was not prepared to speak.  That was all o.k.–it just meant that I had more class time for today’s lecture.  But, my students wanted to be everywhere but class.  Seven of my twelve students are dual enrollment, meaning they are highschooler’s taking college classes.  Mine are all Seniors.  I have diagnosed them with a sever case of Senior-itis.  The problem is that I still have a lot of content to teach them!

Things just started going down hill from there.  Not only were they more interested in talking amongst themselves, they were participating in the class lecture, they were trying to waste valuable class time and get me off topic.  Now, I remember those days.  I did some of those same things.  But, I guess I just knew when enough was enough.

I played a video clip that was about a minute long, but the students were mostly talking through it and not paying attention.  Afterward, when I was asking them questions about it they were not able to answer.  Most of them hemmed and hawed saying that they couldn’t see it or couldn’t hear it.  Finally, they admitted that they weren’t paying attention.

Rather than fight them on the issue I dismissed class about 15 minutes early.  Part of me regrets the decision because I basically gave them what they wanted all along and rewarded their bad behavior, but then part of me understand that they were pushing all of my buttons and to contain my anger and dissatisfaction it was better that I dismissed them.  I guess only time will tell.

But, it doesn’t end there.  As soon as they were in the hallway I heard them erupt in laughter.  Since it was warm, the windows in the classroom were open so as they stood outside in the courtyard discussing the situation and laughing about how they made me upset the few students that were left in the classroom and I could hear them.  I walked over to the window and called down to them “I can hear you.”  One of the students gave me a panic stricken look and then it became deathly quiet.

What do you think: Would you have dismissed class early, knowing that it was what they wanted all along or would you have kept them until the end of class?


For those of you who voted, this was the winning outfit worn last week to my BF’s company Christmas Party.  We had a blast and stayed for the entire time.

Black lace t-shirt: (thrifted.) Strapless black dress: unknown. Black pumps: Payless. Green and gold statement necklace: Body Central.

Black lace t-shirt: (thrifted.) Strapless black dress: unknown. Black pumps: Payless. Green and gold statement necklace: Body Central.

Black lace t-shirt: (thrifted.) Strapless black dress: unknown. Green and gold statement necklace: Body Central.

Thanks for voting!  Stay tuned for an end-of-semester review.

Date Night

Green blouse: Old Navy. Brown boyfriend cardigan: Merona for Target. Brown belt: thrifted. Skinny jeans: Old Navy. Brown Boots: Old Navy. Watch: Fossil. Brown purse: Wal-Mart. Scarf: gift from Mother-in-law.

Brown purse: Wal-Mart. Scarf: gift from Mother-in-law.

On Thursdays, my BF and I have date night.  Sometimes this means hanging out in yoga pants and a t-shirt eating pizza and wings in front of the T.V.  Other times, it means getting dolled up and going out on the town.  It sort of just depends on how the wind blows.  This Date Night was the night out type.  We went to a restaurant on the other side of town.  (I don’t mean anything bad by that, I just mean it was about 30 minutes away.)  We had dinner, drinks, a little conversation and then back home to our quaint little apartment where we watched T.V. and enjoyed each other’s company.

On Friday we went on another date!  (We were really tearing it up this weekend.)  We went to the October Festival near us.  It was a nice evening of walking around, eating potato pancakes, schnitzel, pierogies, baklava (?!), and carnival lemonade.  It was a bit chilly out that evening.  I didn’t wear anything overly-exciting– a long-sleeved purple henley, lighter-colored jeans, and brown shoes.  After all the food that we ate and the small amount of walking we did to counteract it, pictures just didn’t happen.