Teaching and Acute Tonsillitis

Over the weekend, I wasn’t feeling very well.  Sunday was my day off from both jobs, which should have been Date Night with the BF, but instead it ended up being switch between sleeping on the couch and in the bed.  I felt terrible for being under the weather and not having a good date night with my BF, but he understood.

Monday I wasn’t feeling much better.  I debated on going to the dr.’s, but it is always a big decision because I don’t have insurance and I am self-pay.  I spent most of the day in bed trying to rest up and recuperate before I had to go to work that evening.  I even tried to get someone to cover my shift, but we are short on Bartenders and most everyone has a second job or school that restricts their schedule.

I thought about calling off, but that is not in my nature.  So, I put on my big girl pants and went to work.  Luckily, my co-worker was able to switch with me.  I still had to work a 6 hour shift, but it was much better than working the 8.5 hour

Tuesday, when I woke up I was still suffering from a major sore throat.  Since my mom is a medical assistant, I went to the clinic where she works to get checked out by the nurse practitioner.  Because I didn’t have any other cold or flu-like symptoms, she diagnosed it as acute tonsillitis.  She gave me a prescription for an antibiotic and sent me on my way.  She offered to write me a work excuse, but I declined.  There was no way that I could cancel class last night knowing that I was missing Thursday night because of the flair competition.  I did, however, e-mail the peer mentor that was scheduled to observe my class and ask him to consider coming another night.  Thankfully, he obliged.

Purple button up: Wal-Mart. Fall print scarf: gift. Grey trousers: Target. Silver watch: Fossil. Brown oxford shoes: unknown.

That took away a lot of my stress.  I also opted to have my students debrief after their first round of speeches.  I asked them all to reflect on how they did and assess what things they did that were successful and what things that they learned not to do for next time.  I think that it was a good activity.  I also finished lecturing on the presentation aid chapter before giving them the quiz over the material.  We had about ten minutes of class left afterward, so rather than starting a new chapter I allowed them to ask questions about their midterm.

One savvy student asked what type of answer that I expected for the essay questions.  We were able to go over two of the five potential essay questions.  I think that it was very smart that she asked that because I don’t have anything against reviewing the answer with them, or pointing out the exact spot in the book where they can find the information.  I just wish that we had more time to cover more material.

Some of the students were discussing coming to class on Thursday and having a study session with each other.  It makes me extremely proud to know that my students care enough to want to do that.  I know that several of them have class beforehand and are on campus, anyway.  I know that some of them will just take the night off, but I think that is o.k., too.  We all need a sanity break sometimes.

Sorry for the delay in posting.  Also, if you are experiencing any difficulties with the website, it is because I am in the process of migrating to another host and there are some bugs in the system.





2nd Day Informative Speeches: Fall

Thursday we continued with speeches since we didn’t get through very many of them on Tuesday.  I am trying not to freak out about it too much, but that puts us behind.  I thought that we would only have 3 speeches or so on Thursday, but we had 6 speeches to go.  That meant that the time I had planned to be lecturing over presentation aids was just not there.  We were able to start the chapter and go over the first key idea–what are the different types of presentation aids, but that is all.

Now I am in a difficult spot because I have my evaluator coming on Tuesday.  There is nothing that says that we can’t finish up chapter 10, have the quiz, and then begin chapter 8 on language.  But, Chapter 8 is kind of long and I found this really good 5 minute video clip that I think will really segue us into a discussion about language.  I guess I am just afraid that my students will complain about having a quiz over material that we didn’t discuss in class.  On one hand I kind of agree, but then on the other hand I think, it’s in the book, it’s fair game.

I’m also nervous about my evaluator coming on Tuesday because I am going to be absent on Thursday because of the bartender flair competition.  You are not supposed to cancel class– you get paid to be there and to teach.  But, it was short notice so I didn’t really have the opportunity to get a substitute.  And it’s review, so I’m not sure how much a substitute would help.  I guess I thought that the students would be happy, but I have a couple of them murmuring their complaints.  Ahhh, who knows.  I hope that it will work itself out.

Flowered cardigan: Old Navy. Purple silk tie neck blouse: J.C. Penney. Purple earrings: unknown. Purple bracelet: gift from dad. Silver watch: Fossil. Blue corduroys: Old Navy. Brown Oxford style shoes: unknown.

Long time readers of this blog know that on speech days I tend to dress a little more casual.  I’ve worn elements of this outfit together before, but to my knowledge I’ve never worn these exact three pieces together before.  It’s nothing all that fancy– just a shirt, cardigan, and some pants.  But, I went to school with clothes on and I followed all (one) of our dress code rules: no jeans.  So, it’s a win.

What do you think?  Do you think that this outfit is too casual?  Or, is it appropriate because I am sitting down evaluating speeches and not lecturing in the front of the room?
Also, I’d love to hear your thoughts about whether I should finish the chapter before giving the quiz, or just give them the quiz first thing? I am nervous about my evaluation because I want to do well and I’ve never met this person so I don’t know anything about him.

Swept Under

If it seems like I’ve fallen off the face of the earth, don’t worry I can assure you that I haven’t.  But, it does sort of feel that way.  I’m at the point in the semester where things start to move faster and the first big assignment is due.  My students dread it and so do I!  It kind of feels like getting swept off your feet by a big wave.  You can see it way out there and as it gets closer you try to prepare yourself for it, but sometimes you just can’t jump high enough and you get swept under.  That’s how I’ve been feeling this past week.

Some how, some way I’ve been slowly getting behind on things– prepping lectures, making quizzes, getting the next big speech assignment packet sent to the printers, blogging, etc.  And it’s not even like I don’t have time– it’s that I don’t have motivation!  I seriously spent like 5 hours catching up on the Fall premieres of Dancing with the Stars, Castle, Criminal Minds, and a few other shows.  I know in a sense that I probably needed that time to just sort of veg out– I can’t shake that nagging feeling that I should be doing something more productive–laundry, dishes, practicing for the upcoming flair competition.  I’m just feeling so repressed by all of items on my iCalendar.  Everyday it’s something.  Tuesday nights I teach, Wednesday nights I close down the bar, Thursday nights I teach, Friday morning I teach and then work at the bar that night, Saturday morning I usually do chores and work at the bar, Sunday morning I open the bar, Monday night I close the bar and then we start all over.

After I get home from work (teaching or the bar) I try to spend a few moments of quality time with my BF.  Usually I have a day off from the bar in there somewhere– mostly Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and that becomes “date night” with the BF.  But, everyday it is something.  And on top of my work schedule there’s always extra meetings at school to attend.

In order to catch back up, you are going to get a two for one post!  This week has really started to feel like Fall and to me that means layering.  When I leave for school in the afternoons the sun is out and the weather can feel mild, but I know when the sun goes down that the temps are going to fall and when I come out of the building at 9pm its going to be a bit chilly-willy.

Black blazer: (thrifted.) Flowered print shirt: Wal-Mart. Coral earrings: (thrifted.) Red belt: (thrifted.) Black shorts: Target. Silver watch: Fossil. Button ring: self-made. Black booties: Dillard’s.

I have an entire Pinterest board filled with “Winter Shorts.”  I don’t know why, but I love the look of wearing shorts with tights and booties.  So, I thought that it was time that I re-created this look (again.)  I wore these shorts last Spring in an off-season way, but I wasn’t entirely in love with the look.  This time, I wore sheer black pantyhose instead of opaque tights and I think that it turned out a lot better.

When I got home from class my BF said, “You’re wearing shorts?!”  To which I responded, yes.  But if you think about it, wearing shorts is sort of just like wearing a skirt in the Fall.  And nobody thinks twice about a woman wearing a skirt.  Class that night is sort of a blur at this point.  I remember that we talked about evaluating speeches and watched some video’s, but that is about all.

Thursday is a little bit more memorable in my mind. Again, it was a day with Fall weather and layers were in order. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to wear, but I knew that I wanted to wear a dress and “Fall-erize” it. I tried on a few of my dresses and added layers underneath or over, and in the end I ended up with this purple maxi-dress. Underneath of it, I have a long-sleeved light purple shirt. This is to give a little more coverage in the bust, and some additional warmth. Then, I added the brown jacket and the scarf that I tied to make it an infinity scarf. I was o.k. with the outfit, but I can’t say that I really loved it. I just sort of ran out of time and had a heaping mound of clothes piling up on the bed. Oops.

Purple maxi-dress: gift. Light purple scoop neck t-shirt: Old Navy. Purple scarf: Wal-Mart. Brown jacket: unknown. Bronze hoops: Charlotte Russe. Gold Watch: Wal-Mart. Brown boots: Old Navy.

Thursday night was not the best night of the semester.  Apparently, there were two questions in the online activity that the computer marked wrong, even though the students gave the right answer.  I had one student e-mail me to tell me about it, and then another.  I looked in to it and discovered that these two students were correct.  I responded to them both via e-mail and asked them not to mention it to the other students– I was curious to see how many of them were really paying attention and caught the mistake.

But, neither of the students had read my response e-mail and one of them came into the class blabbering to everyone about the mistake.  This got other students in on the bandwagon and had everyone whipped up into a frenzy before class even started.  And, they were all worked up to the tune of a total of one point.  The questions are worth 1/2 a point each.  Now, in the course there are a total of 1,775 points on the table.  So, 1 point is .08%.  It’s not even one percent of their overall grade!  Anyway, all they wanted to do was to focus on this and not on the lecture material.  They finally forced my hand and I had to address it at the beginning of class, rather than during the lecture when we covered the material that the questions were over.  I was thoroughly annoyed.  And, I didn’t hide my annoyance very well.

I also had an activity planned for them to practice impromptu speaking.  I come up with random questions like, What did you want to be when you were little and why?  The students go up to the front of the classroom and pick a question at random and then take a few minutes to answer the question.  All the questions are pretty silly and funny.  Mostly, it’s designed to give the students some practice with impromptu speaking and get them a little bit used to speaking in front of the class before their first speech on Tuesday.

But, they were all in a complain-y mood over the two questions on the online activity, so they were being sourpusses and didn’t want to play the funny question game.  One student in particular who went up there got a question about dressing up for Halloween and he gave every excuse as to why he couldn’t answer the question.  I mean, he totally could have just made something up, described a friends costume, a costume that he would really like to do, etc.  But, instead he wanted to be a stick in the mud and take all the fun out of the game.

It was just one of those nights that takes all the wind out of your sails.  I have them every once in a while.  What do you do on days like that?  Are you good at hiding your annoyance?  I can’t imaging what teachers of crazy hormonal teenagers do in situations like this!


Study Habits and Apologies

Thursday night my students turned in their outlines.  As per usual, every student had some sort of problem or another.  One student didn’t have his source page because they didn’t get cut and pasted, another student forgot to add a title, so on and so forth.  I always ask them to take out their outlines and the Checklist for Revising and Outline sheet that I provide to them and then give them about 5 minutes to make any corrections that they need to make.  So, for the student who forgot a title he was able to write one in and not lose those valuable points.

I had a super-duper professional outfit planned out because we had important people on campus reviewing us for our accreditation, but I went to get my oil changed and then had to do my 45,000 mile tune-up, and ran out of time to attend the (optional) meeting.  So, instead of wearing the super-duper professional outfit I wore something a little more casual instead.

I love pairing purple and gold together– the combination is so rich and regal!  Usually when I wear gold I tend to pair it with khaki or brown.  But, Thursday I went with gray.  These pants were one of the items that I pulled out of my closet earlier in the week and slated to wear.  I didn’t plan an outfit with these pants, but because they are a basic item I didn’t worry about it too much.  I really like the cut of these pants– they make my legs look super long.  Sadly, I bought them because they were cleareanced out!  But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t have other pants with the same cut.  I will have to remember to look the next time that I am at Target.

Purple cardigan: gift. Gold earrings: J.C. Penney. Gold cowl neck shirt: J.C. Penney. Gray pants: Target. Gold watch: Wal-Mart. Purple peep toes: Payless.

I was a little unsure about what shoes I wanted to wear with this outfit.  I was torn between gray sling back pointy toes pumps, black pumps, or these purple heels.  Eventually I went with the purple shoes because I thought that they had the most personality.

After we went over the chapter on organizational strategies I gave a short presentation on effective study habits.  A few of my students have come to me and asked how they can do better on their quizzes.  It’s a little bit troubling because I have a handful of students who consistently score 9 or 10 out of 10.  But, I had a few tips for the students as a whole for how I go through the information and decide what is high level importance, medium level importance, and low-level importance.  I also reminded them about all the tools that they have available to help them study.  Hopefully this will help those few students who are not doing as well as they want.  Only time will tell!

I also got an apology from the student who took out his frustration out on me over missing a quiz. Luckily, he didn’t overstep the line too much, but it was nice that he recognized he acted out and to apologize to me. He missed class because of some family issues, so I knew that he was just stressed out.

What do you think? Would you have selected the purple shoes, or a more basic shoe? Do you tend to pair gold with khaki and brown and silver with gray and black, or are you open to other pairings?

Date Night: Wasabi Water

With the start of the Fall semester right around the corner– Aug. 27th for my college– my Thursday nights with my BF will come to an end.  Our date nights won’t end, hopefully, but our standing Thursday night will.  I will be teaching class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and another class on Friday mornings.  Therefore, my availability for my second job has now shifted.  Right now I work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights and Sunday morning– with a night off thrown in there somewhere.  But, because I am automatically not available on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, that most likely means that I will work the other 5 days of the week.

I do have morning availability, but it is not in my best interest to work mornings since the money is not as great.  But, that may be what I have to do in order to get to see my BF.  What we have decided, at least to start, is that we will have a rolling date night depending on which evening that I am off from work.  (Truth be told, I am a little nervous about this system because it doesn’t allow for much pre-planning.)

Anyway.  Back to the matter at hand: clothes!  I know that it has been quite a while since I’ve given you an actual outfit post, and today is your lucky day!  I wasn’t sure what my BF and I were going to do for date night, but I knew that I wanted to wear this new plaid shirt that I just recently purchased at Target.  I purchased it mostly with our October vacation in mind– it will be perfect for the temperatures that they will be having that time of year.  But, that doesn’t mean that I can’t wear it now!

I actually wore this shirt to the zoo with my dad earlier in the week, but it was a rainy gray day and I didn’t manage to get any outfit photo’s.  But, I did get this AMAZE-balls picture of the Sumatran Tiger:

I was able to get a lot of awesome photo’s of the animals that day.  We even got to see the 3-month snow leopard cubs out on display.  It was only their second day venturing out and they only allow them out in the public view for about 30 minutes a day.  Our zoo is holding a contest to name them.

Sorry about the webbing.  They are upgrading the glass at the zoo and I didn’t think to put my camera lens through the glass until after we saw the snow leopard cubs.  We tried to get back in line, but by that time it was too long and the cubs were only allowed out for another 10 minutes, or so.

Does that make up for my lack of outfit posts?  No?!  Well, I don’t know if this outfit can compete with the cuteness of the cubs, but here it is:

Plaid button-up: Target. V-neck t-shirt: Target. Belt: Wal-Mart. Jeans: Target. Earrings: Target. Watch: Fossil. Brown studded pumps: (thrifted.)

I didn’t realize that I am a walking Target ad, but that is what you get sometimes!  I didn’t even purchase any of these items at the same time.  When I wore this outfit to the zoo, I paired it with a purple tank-top, dark jeans, and  purple and white tennis shoes.  But, for date night I wanted to change it up a bit.  Plus, I already had on the pink t-shirt.  I am accustomed to wearing dark jeans, but I thought that the light colors in the plaid would pair well with a light wash denim.  I dressed it up a little more by adding the brown studded heels, but not too much since it’s a casual outfit to begin with.  I just got my hair trimmed for the new school-year so I just washed it and blow-dryed it with a round brush.

My BF and I went to dinner oat our local hibachi restaurant–you know, the ones where you sit in a large group around the cooktop and the Chef puts on a show while he cooks your food.  At ours they have this squeeze bottle full of some type of alcohol that they squeeze into the guests open mouths while they yell Wasabi Water!  Most of the people at our table took part, but my BF was by far the winner.  Usually, the guest will put their hand up to indicate to the Chef to stop, but the Chef actually stopped before my BF put his hand up!  We had a lot of fun and were even too full to get dessert– we had to get a box for our leftovers.

Don’t worry– I will be back to regular outfit posting within the next few weeks.  Until then, you’ll have to put up with my random animal pictures or organization projects.  Oh, Oh, Oh–my blog will be celebrating its 1 year birthday (anniversary?) in a few days and I have some exciting changes planned for Year 2!  (I hope the two’s aren’t terrible.)



Purple Ties in the Summertime

On Monday, I lectured over chapter 6: finding an using research material and chapter 7: outlining.  It was a very rough morning, to say the least.  A few of my students were missing.  Some of them were falling asleep.  And the others were either uninterested and tuning me out or completely lost and tuning me out.  I felt like I had to drag the students through the material in chapter 6.  I could tell that not many of them had completed the assigned readings.

We barely had time to get through the key ideas in chapter 7– which is a very important chapter considering that their outlines are due on Wednesday.  Also, I had two worksheets that I wanted them to complete and go over in class, but that didn’t happen either.  I ended up rushing through chapter 7 and assigning the two worksheets for homework.  I also warned them that if they continued not reading I would start giving pop quizzes.  They didn’t like that idea very much, so I hope over the next few class periods I see an improvement.

I knew that I wanted to wear my purple silk tie-neck blouse this semester.  I couldn’t believe that I didn’t wear it even once during the entire Spring semester.  It’s one of my favorite shirts and I feel like I wear it all the time, but clearly I don’t.  I paired it with a pair of basic gray trousers and one of my new thrift store finds–a pair of grey sling-back pointy toed pumps.  The outfit worked very well.  I was comfortable for the whole day and felt appropriately dressed.

Purple silk blouse: J.C. Penney. Cream camisole: gift from mother-in-law. Gray trouser pants: (thrifted.) Black belt: Wal-Mart. Gray pumps: (thrifted.) Silver earrings: J.C. Penney. Silver Watch: Fossil.

Are there any pieces of clothing that you wear to death, but really don’t? Or, is the opposite true? You don’t think that you wear something all the time, but yet you always seem to be wearing it in every picture you see of yourself? It’s like when you got back your picture package in school and you were wearing the same outfit. Ughh, how embarrassing!


Last Friday was the last day of Spring 2012 semester.  After my Friday class completed their speeches, I updated their grades in the online grade book, made copies of my attendance records to hand in, and turned in my keys.  It was a very liberating feeling.  I posted final grades online last night and now all that’s left to do is to turn in my syllabi, attendance records, and final grades in hard copy format to the department.  I planned on going to today because I thought there was an open session for photo id badges, but there is not.  I misread the dates.

I was overjoyed to wear this outfit from the first day of Friday classes again.  The first time I styled it, it did not turn out like I had envisioned in my head.  In fact, it was one of my least favorite outfits.  Truth be told, the first few outfits that I happened to wear to my Friday class were some of my least favorites.  If you remember, I was really trying to break the stigma of the Friday outfits for a better part of the semester.

The first time I wore this gray shift I paired it with a light gray turtleneck, black nylons, and a purple scarf.  I also wore purple jewelry.  The look seems disjointed and unappealing to me.  It’s too many different shades of gray in one outfit for my liking.  This time, I still used purple as an accent color, but differently.  It’s only the shoes that are purple.  I could have worn my purple cardigan, but I chose black a simple black one instead.  I didn’t want to repeat the same mistake with different shades of the same color.

It’s hard to even tell that it is the same dress in these two photo’s!

Black cardigan: Target. Gray and black shift dress: Target. Black belt: borrowed from another skirt. Earrings: JC Penney. 3 strand pearl bracelet: Elder Beerman. Silver watch: Fossil. Purple shoes: Payless.

I like this outfit much better than the first one, but I still wouldn’t say that I love it quite the same as I love some of my other outfits from this semester.  Remember, you can view all of my outfits from Spring 2012 semester here.

What are your favorite outfits from this semester? I’d love to hear your feedback.