2nd Day Informative Speeches: Fall

Thursday we continued with speeches since we didn’t get through very many of them on Tuesday.  I am trying not to freak out about it too much, but that puts us behind.  I thought that we would only have 3 speeches or so on Thursday, but we had 6 speeches to go.  That meant that the time I had planned to be lecturing over presentation aids was just not there.  We were able to start the chapter and go over the first key idea–what are the different types of presentation aids, but that is all.

Now I am in a difficult spot because I have my evaluator coming on Tuesday.  There is nothing that says that we can’t finish up chapter 10, have the quiz, and then begin chapter 8 on language.  But, Chapter 8 is kind of long and I found this really good 5 minute video clip that I think will really segue us into a discussion about language.  I guess I am just afraid that my students will complain about having a quiz over material that we didn’t discuss in class.  On one hand I kind of agree, but then on the other hand I think, it’s in the book, it’s fair game.

I’m also nervous about my evaluator coming on Tuesday because I am going to be absent on Thursday because of the bartender flair competition.  You are not supposed to cancel class– you get paid to be there and to teach.  But, it was short notice so I didn’t really have the opportunity to get a substitute.  And it’s review, so I’m not sure how much a substitute would help.  I guess I thought that the students would be happy, but I have a couple of them murmuring their complaints.  Ahhh, who knows.  I hope that it will work itself out.

Flowered cardigan: Old Navy. Purple silk tie neck blouse: J.C. Penney. Purple earrings: unknown. Purple bracelet: gift from dad. Silver watch: Fossil. Blue corduroys: Old Navy. Brown Oxford style shoes: unknown.

Long time readers of this blog know that on speech days I tend to dress a little more casual.  I’ve worn elements of this outfit together before, but to my knowledge I’ve never worn these exact three pieces together before.  It’s nothing all that fancy– just a shirt, cardigan, and some pants.  But, I went to school with clothes on and I followed all (one) of our dress code rules: no jeans.  So, it’s a win.

What do you think?  Do you think that this outfit is too casual?  Or, is it appropriate because I am sitting down evaluating speeches and not lecturing in the front of the room?
Also, I’d love to hear your thoughts about whether I should finish the chapter before giving the quiz, or just give them the quiz first thing? I am nervous about my evaluation because I want to do well and I’ve never met this person so I don’t know anything about him.


Professional or Waiter?

Friday morning I wore the “super-duper” professional outfit that I had planned to wear on Thursday, but didn’t.  I wanted to wear something that looked nice, but that was also comfortable.  And, to be honest, I didn’t shave my legs so pants was a good option.

Class was good; we covered the chapter on organizational strategies and informative speaking.  My Friday class is just now getting to this chapter.  I covered it earlier in the semester in my T/TR class, which I think made a little more sense, but hindsight is always 20/20.  For my Friday class, it ended up being a nice review.  Some of the things in the chapter they knew and were spot on, but then there were a few things that had slipped their mind.  So, all in all, it was good.

Blue button-up: J.C. Penney. Pearl drop earrings: J.C. Penney. Black vest: unknown. Black dress pants: J.C. Penney.  3 Strand pearl bracelet: Elder Beerman.  Silver Watch: Fossil. Pandora bracelet and charms: Gifts. Black reversible belt: Wal-Mart. Gray and black shoes: Payless.

After my students took their quiz over last weeks chapters and I lectured over the two chapters for this week, we had a little bit of time left.  I was able to show them some video examples of informative speeches.  I was glad that I was able to do this because next week we have 3 chapters on the syllabus to go over and I am pretty certain that there won’t be any time left to spare.  For my T/TR class, however, we will be watching video examples on Tuesday since we only have one chapter to cover.

It’s a little difficult having a different schedule for each class, but when I was planning the syllabus there were reasons why I chose to have different schedules.  I am pleasantly surprised that my Friday class is doing so well.  During the Spring semester my Friday class struggled a lot with the material.  That is the driving force behind the reasons why there are a different number of speeches in my Friday class and my T/TR class.  But, this group of students is on the ball and seem to be taking the time to read the chapters and do their homework.  Only time will tell.

What do you think? Do you like this outfit? Does it say professional or waiter to you? I also debated with the shoes. Originally, I had planned this outfit in my head with my black booties, but then I thought about my black oxford-esque shoes. Ultimately, I chose these gray and black shoes because the heel height was right and I thought they looked nice.
Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Blue? Black? Does it Matter?

Tuesday I went shopping!  I was looking for a myriad of things:

  1. silk blouses
  2. shorts
  3. colored beads for my Pandora bracelet
  4. white shirt
  5. black heeled boots
  6. black shooties
  7. curler clips
  8. iPhone 3 case

I had my day all planned out.  I was going to my local thrift store first to look for silk blouses and shorts.  Then, I would head over to the mall on the other side of town to visit the Old Navy for shorts and a white shirt.  I also planned on walking around the mall and stopping by one of the kiosk’s to look at colored beads for my Pandora bracelet.  Then, on the way back home I wanted to stop at a nearby shopping plaza with a dollar store that sells iPhone cases, ULTA and Sally Beauty Supply to look for curler clips.  And DSW to look for some Fall footwear.

But, Tuesday was not my thrifting day.  I found a few items, but nothing like the major score the last time that I was at the thrift store.  I had two blouses in my hands, but neither one of them were the half-off color of the day and they were both polyester, not silk.  So, I decided to pass.  Some days I am like that.  I did, however, purchase a brand new  (tags still on) pair of navy dress pants originally from New York and Company. According to the tag, they are the Summer Stretch 7th avenue pant–midtown fit, straight leg.  I was a little unsure because they are “petite” but, I was hoping that they would turn out to be an ankle-length cigarette style.  Besides, they were a half-off color so they came to $4.00.  I was willing to take that gamble.

I also purchased a straw cloche hat and a pair of white cotton-y riding gloves.  I am very excited about both of these little purchases.  The hat was a whopping 50 cents and the gloves were 60 cents.  After the thrift store, I continued on my journey to the mall.  At Old Navy I picked up a pair of shorts similar to ones that I bought earlier this summer and totally love, and a new white shirt.  They had a big sale going on, so the t-shirt was $6 and the shorts were $7. It wasn’t quite the haul that I was expecting, but sometimes that happens to me.

I looked at the beads for my bracelet, but didn’t see any that I had to have so I continued on.  I stopped for an Auntie Anne’s cinnamon sugar pretzel and lemonade while I was there, though.  Back on my side of town, I went to a shopping plaza with all sorts of stores.  I got a new iPhone 3 case for $5!  I didn’t find the clips for my hot rollers at either of the beauty stores and DSW only had a smidgeon of their Fall shoes out.  Plus, I am pretty cheap when it comes to things like that!  Investment piece, or no, it’s hard for me to spend over $50 on a pair of shoes.

Wednesday, I wanted to wear my new navy pants.  Luckily, my gamble paid off and they did fit.  I had this shirt out from when I was making outfits last week, and I thought it would be the perfect compliment to my new pants.  Let me tell you something, people, I was operating the assumption that this shirt has navy polka dots on a white background.  But, my BF disagreed with me.  He thought that they were black polka dots.  I held up the buttons and compared them to my new pants.  They looked a little black.  Then, I held them up to his black socks and they looked a little blue.  Honestly, I can’t really tell.  Before the color comparison test I was certain that they were navy polka dots.  But now, my faith has been shaken.

And then it was like my whole world was shattering around me.  I have paired this shirt with red accents so many times and even wore it as my red, white, and blue outfit.  Could I still pair it with navy pants if the polka dots were black?  I was operating in a world of uncertainty.  But, it was starting to get late, so I did it anyway.

I put on these black patent-leather sandals and accented this outfit with a silver bracelet and watch.  And of course, red lips.  But, I didn’t really like the outcome.  Maybe it was lingering thoughts that the polka dots are blue and not black.  Or, maybe it was the neon pink toe nail polish.  Whatever it was, I decided to change up the accessories.

Wednesday July 18, 2012
Polka dot blouse: (thrifted.) Red belt: (thrifted.) Red bracelet: gift from mom. Navy pants: (thrifted.) Silver watch: Fossil. Pandora bracelte: gift from mother-in-law. Red ballet flats: Target.

I liked the new outfit more, even though I can’t say that it will make the favorites list for this semester.

Wednesday, in class, we began the last chapter of the semester: argumentation.  Our textbook makes a distinction between persuasive speaking and argumentation.  Although I understand how and why they are separating the two, I think that it can be a bit hard for the students to understand.  Especially when the goal of both types is to motivate the audience to take action.  Who really cares if you are using motivational appeals or logic and reasoning?  Besides, my tactic is to use both to make sure that you cast a wide net and reach those most people possible.

Also, it gets a little weird at the end because I am teaching them something that they really won’t utilize.  Their final speech will be delivered on next Wednesday and then that closes the book for the semester.  There is no final for this class, so what I am lecturing over they won’t be tested on.  I always keep my fingers crossed that they won’t figure this out, but they always do.  And then I get the inevitable question, Do we have to know this?  I always give one of those frustrating parent/teacher responses of “this will help you in your final speech, and you never know when there might be a POP! Quiz.”

What are your thoughts? Are these polka dots blue or black? Did you like the outfit better the first way or the second? Please leave a comment, I love hearing your feedback!

Back on Track

Last week I mentioned that I had been having a few trying days in the classroom, but I feel like we are back on track!  Last Wednesday the students delivered their Demonstrative Speeches and afterwards I continued our foray into Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.

On Monday, I finished up talking about the other half of the chapter– motive needs, motivational appeals, motive clusters, and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  It was nice to be able to enjoy a much slower pace and to have the information build on each other–rather than just feel like I am force feeding a toddler.

Over the weekend, I had some time to play in my closet.  One of the things that I did was to create different Summer outfits.  Most of them were comprised of skirts or dresses and could be dressed up for class or dressed down for a Summertime date.  I don’t always have the time to create outfits, but when I do I feel a lot better about what I am wearing.  There are sometimes where I have an idea for an outfit but when I get out all the pieces and put them on, it doesn’t actually work the way that I thought it would.

Sometimes it might be because a top is too casual for a skirt, or the fabric is too heavy or light for the season, the color palette could be off, or it just may not work out.  I’ve had to veto outfits because a skirt was too sheer, a top wasn’t long enough to tuck in, or I discovered that an item of clothing needed: ironed, mended, washed, etc.  Plus, when I  plan outfits, I can try them on with different accessories– this wide belt or that skinny belt, this sandal or that pointy-toed pump, this necklace or that bracelet, etc. to create just the look that I am after.

If I wait until the morning to get dressed before class, I am leaving this all to chance!  And, while some really cool style choices have been borne from the threat of being late for class, I more often find that I get more duds than firecrackers that way.

July 16, 2012
White t-shirt: Target. Necklace: gift from mother-in-law. Blue silk skirt: Old Navy. Nude wedges: Target. Silver watch: Fossil.

This outfit was one of those that I had preplanned.  But, it didn’t go off without a hitch.  I was originally going to wear this white t-shirt with my coral colored knife-pleated skirt.  I even had the outfit on with my mint J.Crew knock-off bubble necklace.  But, somehow while drying my hair, I screwed up the permanent press of the pleats on the skirt and managed to smudge something or other on the skirt.  So, I had to re-think my outfit for the day.  This outfit was one that I had been toying with a few weeks back when I was trying to incorporate my new sparkly gold heels into an outfit.

Funny story.  I had on a white t-shirt and this blue skirt with a long 3-strand gold necklace, dangly gold earrings, a gold watch, and my new sparkly gold shoes.  I was feeling pretty hot-to-trot.  And then, I was doing my makeup and I accidentally smeared makeup on my white t-shirt.  I immediately took it off and started trying to get the stain out.  I sprayed it liberally with SHOUT! and put it into the laundry.  A few days later, I laundered it with my other whites, but much to my dismay the makeup stain did not come out.  I was disappointed, but that’s the way with white t-shirts.

The next time I was at Target I picked up this new white t-shirt.  I paired it with this skirt and wore it to school.  I did not have time to take outfit photo’s, so I opted to do them after class.  When I got home, my couch was singing a siren song and so I took a short (2 hour) nap.  When I awoke, I decided to take my outfit pictures.  I spruced up my hair and was freshening up my makeup when all of a sudden, my foundation bottle sputtered out it’s last contents.  And drops of foundation landed on my new white shirt.  I immediately took it off and started trying to get the stain out.  I sprayed it liberally with SHOUT! and rinsed it with cold water.  Then, I used a Tide stain remover pen.  These two products were not working.  I busted out the big guns: the bleach bottle and tried to dab off the spot and bleach it with a bleached soaked cotton swab.  I laid it flat and prayed that the makeup would come out.

Guess what?  It didn’t.  Stay put makeup is great for my face, not so much for my white t-shirts.  White t-shirts: 2, Carla: 0.  Nevertheless, on Tuesday I put this outfit on and took my outfit photo’s.  As I was putting the finishing touches on my hair and makeup, you’ll never guess what happened.  Yep.  I dribbled lip gloss down the front of my shirt.  If you look closely you may be able to see the lip gloss and the foundation, but I’m pretty savvy with Photoshop so my hope is that you cannot see the stains.  Now, if I only had Photoshop for real life!

P.S. I did pick up another new white t-shirt at Old Navy yesterday.  This one is a boat neck style with two adorable buttons at the neck/shoulder of each side.  We’ll see if I can manage to wear this one on the blog without ruining it.  And, I thought I was doing so well with white clothing–I managed to wear these pants and this shirt without incident.

Audience Analysis and Speeches to Inform

Wednesday my students turned in their outlines (their first big assignment) and I lectured over audience analysis and informative speeches.  On Monday I noticed that my students were spending all their time frantically writing the information on the Power Point slide rather than listening to the information that I was saying.  So, I opted not to use the Power Point for chapter 12: informative speeches and used the dry erase board instead.  This meant that I could spoon feed them the information and write on the board the key words or phrases that I wanted them to have in their notes.

It worked but, I didn’t want to push them too far out of their comfort zone and what they’ve come to expect, so I did use the Power Point for chapter 5: audience analysis.  For the first time, we were actually able to get through two chapters and have a bit of time left over.  I went over the two worksheets that I assigned them for homework on Monday and I kicked off the class with a 12 question quiz over the material covered on Monday.

I hope that it is a sign that more of them read the material before class and were prepared.  But, that might just be wishful thinking on my part!  For class, I wore one of my new-to-me thrift store finds.  I paired it with a blue button up with french cuffs and nude heels.  I wore the sleeves rolled up so it didn’t look so stuffy and because its hot!

Blue button-up: J.C. Penney. Blue bauble necklace: Elder Beerman. Silver zodiac necklace: Target. Khaki skirt: (thrifted.) Nude pumps: target. Silver earrings: J.C. Penney. Silver watch: Fossil.

I really like pairing this blue bauble necklace with this blue dress shirt.  It matches with the blue so well!  But, to mix it up a little and make it different from the last time I wore this shirt, I also added another necklace.  I don’t usually wear multiple necklaces, but I see a lot of other women who do and I really like the look.  I liked this outfit a lot.  I even got a compliment on it from one of my students who said I “looked nice.”

What do you think? Do you accessorize certain outfits with the same pieces of jewelry? Or do you tend to mix it up?

3 Day “Weekend”

I had a 3 day “weekend,” which is almost unheard of in my world.  It wasn’t exactly the same as everyone else’s weekend, but whatever.  I was off (from both jobs) Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  And after my crazy week last week it was glorious.  I took advantage of every moment of my time off.  Which is another rarity.  I am not what you would call a mover and a shaker.  In theory I would like to be, but it doesn’t usually happen.

Thursday, I had to get up early and ran some errands.  This included going to the bank, paying my car payment, a trip to Wal-Mart, Target, and the thrift store.  I bought lots of things for me and for the apartment.  After my shopping extravaganza (which I will share my thrift store finds, soon), I came home and cleaned the house.  I know it’s not very exciting but it had to be done.  Rather than spend time doing it with my BF over the weekend, I wanted to get it out-of-the-way while he was at work so that we could spend more time together.  (Plus, he does lots more cleaning than me, so every once in a while I have to go above and beyond.)  After cleaning, I was able to hang the new shower curtain and put out the new bedspread.  When my BF got home, we went to work out and then had a nice relaxing dinner at home.

Friday, I slept in!  Then, I had to stop by campus to drop off some paperwork for the Summer session.  Because I had done so much running around on Thursday I just felt like having a nice relaxing morning.  Besides dropping off the papers at campus, I didn’t really do much.  When my BF got home we went to dinner at O’Charleys.  Afterward, we went to our local Irish-American festival.  Because we were going to dinner and sitting inside in the air conditioning I knew that I needed an outfit that would be suitable.  But, we were also going to be walking around outside afterwards.  This meant two things– first, I had to be careful with my shoes.  I needed something that would look nice, but also be comfortable for walking.  Second, I would need something that was versatile for both cold and hot conditions.

I chose a long-sleeve navy silk button up. This is one of my finds from the thrift store jaunt on Thursday. This shirt worked well because I could roll up the sleeves while I was outside, or put them down while we were inside in the air conditioning. Silk is also a natural fabric that breathes very well. It can keep you cool or warm. I paired it with a pair of dark jeans and accessorized with a brown belt, brown loafers, a gold watch and gold and navy earrings. I was comfortable at dinner and later, outside walking around.

Saturday, we were up kind of early again. My BF and I went to the Taste of Barberton. This was another outside street festival with craft booths and local cuisine. It was a good chance to get outside, see the beautiful area of downtown Barberton, and spend some valuable time with my dad who met us there. It wasn’t a big to-do, and it only took about and hour or so.

Afterward, we went to our local zoo. It’s been about 2 years since we were last there and they had recently gotten a new aquarium exhibit. Plus, I don’t get many weekend days off and the zoo is one of those 9-5 places M-F. It was a very nice and hot day, but it was worth it. Plus, our zoo is pretty cheap. Since we had been there before, it didn’t take us much more than two hours to tour the zoo. We even stayed for a 30 minute animal show.

By the time we had walked around the zoo we were hungry and tired. On the way home, we stopped at The Winking lizard for a late lunch. Then, we went home and took an impromptu nap on the couch. Since we were going to be outside for a large portion of the day, I knew that I wanted to be comfortable. Also, I knew that we were going to be doing a lot of walking. This translated into a simple outfit of a t-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes. Not to mention sunscreen and sunglasses!

I was comfortable all day long, going from the outside festival to the zoo, and then to lunch.  Also, the bright pink shirt helps me stand out in a sea of people.  (And, it just so happens to match my tennis shoes.)

Lastly, when we awoke from our nap we went to work out and then to the pool.  Sadly, though by the time we made it to the pool it was around 7p.m. and the sun had started to set.  So, we took a chilly dip in the pool and then high tailed it to the hot tub for a relaxing soak before calling it a weekend.

Sunday morning it was back to business as usual, and that meant back to work at the restaurant for this girl.

What do you think?  Do you have trouble coming up with outfits that are suitable for a days worth of varied events?  So you change between each one, or just end up wearing one thing and being uncomfortable for most of the day?


Monumental/ Argumentative

Today I discussed with my students argumentative speaking.  Their textbook makes the distinction that both persuasive and argumentative speaking seeks to change the thoughts of the listener and motivate to action.  The key difference is that persuasive speaking achieves this through motivational appeals and emotions while argumentative speaking uses logic and reasoning to sway the audience.

It really is a subtle difference, but a difference nonetheless.  There was a remarkable difference in the behavior of the class today as opposed to last time we met.  And I, for one, was overjoyed.  They were on task and cooperative for the duration of class.  And you’d better believe that I used every single minute of class time today!

In preparation for a possibly a trying day, I broke out (arguably) my most professional outfit: the business suit.

In a strict business setting, or interview, I would certainly wear the jacket to the set and keep it buttoned up.  I also would not wear the blue bauble necklace.  But, in a setting that allows a little more creativity, like teaching or writing, I may or may not wear the jacket and the necklace.

I have worn this suit to almost every interview that I have been on, and it has landed me a handful of jobs over the years.  In instances where I have had multiple interviews with one company I would do a variation of this outfit for the second round– a pink button-up shirt with black pants, or a white button-up with a black pencil skirt, etc.

Careful readers might note the dual title of this post. Let me explain.  Not only did I have a productive teaching day, I also had my first student come and see me during office hours!!  This made me extremely happy.  (I mean, it only took 14 weeks.)  After I helped the student with his homework due on Friday he told me about an assignment that he had to complete for another class.  He stated that he did very well because of what I had taught him in my class about presentations.

I could not have been more proud or excited.  I know it may seem insignificant, but these are the types of things that teachers live for.  And, let’s be honest, students are usually not forthcoming with their gratitude for making them do homework and teaching them things in the moment.  It isn’t usually until you’ve passed out of each other’s lives that they realize the impact that you had on them.

So, I would say that it was a very monumental day all around.

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