Friday Duplicates

Sometimes I come up with multiple styling options for one piece of clothing.  It’s a fun rainy day activity to take a piece of clothing and see how you can manipulate it to work in different outfits.  Can you tuck it in to make it look and feel different?  Can you wear it in a different type of outfit than it is intended–work wear, casual, day vs night, etc.  But sometimes this works against me!

I have so many ways to wear one piece of clothing that it is all that I want to do– wear my new creations.  But, I can’t do that.  People frown upon the idea of wearing the same piece of clothing everyday.  I can get away with wearing the same outfit or piece of clothing twice in close proximity if I know that I am not going to see the same people, but other than that it’s a no go.  People will think that you don’t wash your clothes.  And then they will think that you are gross and make up mean nicknames behind your back.

And let’s face it, I have an entire closet full of clothes so I don’t need to be wearing the same item over and over again.  That’s the story behind this dress.  The last time that I wore it I brainstormed two or three additional ways to wear it for the upcoming Fall/Winter season.  And I’ve practically been counting the days until I could wear it again.  I thought that I wore this dress on a tuesday/thursday but I just figured out that I wore it on a friday!  It’s a good thing that I waited three weeks before wearing it again.  (I told you that I was having a rough week.)

Jean jacket: Wal-Mart. Feather earrings: Charlotte Russe.(?) Black flowered dress: Target. Black v-neck shirt: Target. Bubble necklace: E-bay. Brown belt: (thrifted.) Green socks: Target. Brown boots: Old Navy.

I really liked this outfit, but the dress felt short.  I don’t know if it was because I had bare legs (except for the socks), or what. I thought about wearing my bubble necklace– I even took half of my pictures with it on, but it didn’t read the way that I wanted it to.  I thought that the necklace would match the green in the dress and the green socks a little better, but they were two far off in my opinion to look right.  So, I went without the necklace this time around.  I’ll have to come up with a different outfit to wear my bubble necklace.

My Friday class is behind my T/TR class in some things, and ahead of them in others.  It mostly has to do with the number of speeches and requirements that dictate what chapters we cover and when.  In my Friday class we talked about introductions and conclusions and presentation aids.  It’s a requirement for my Friday class that they have a presentation for their first speech but not for my T/TR class.  I also duplicated the funny question game in this class, as well.  They were a little bit more receptive to it, thankfully.

Now that the week is done, I have a stack of outlines to grade, a handful of quizzes, lecture to prepare, and items to prepare for the printer’s.  Oh yeah, and working at my other job most of the weekend.  Ahh, I must remind myself that I am grateful and blessed to have two jobs– especially when some people don’t even have one.



Week 2: Day 1


Although Monday was a holiday and many people have off, I did not have the day off from my second job.  So, Sunday was really my holiday.  To me, Monday was just a regular ol’ day, except with more traffic from all those people who didn’t have to work!  Tuesday morning I did get to sleep in and recover from a somewhat busy weekend.  I also did some straightening up around my apartment.

That meant putting away all the clothes that I drug out over the past week.  While doing that, I also worked on a few outfit idea’s for the upcoming work week.  I do still have two outfits that I submitted as possible first day outfits, but I also have an entire closet full of clothes to mix and match.

I spent some time on Pinterest looking over my inspiration boards and seeing which outfits I could duplicate.  In the end, I staged two outfits for this week.  One that I wore to class on Tuesday, and one that I am most likely planning to wear on Friday.

First things, first.  I haven’t gotten to wear this new striped racerback tank, yet.  I had originally paired it with black dress pants and a 3/4 sleeved black cardigan, but the outfit felt a little safe.  Since the tank had white, dark khaki, and black stripes I knew that I didn’t need to just limit myself to pairing it with black.  So, I tried it with a few different pants options, and in the end I chose a pair of pants that don’t necessarily match, but they go.

Black blazer: (Ann Taylor, thrifted.) silver rope chain: gift from grandma. Striped tank: Target. Silver watch: Fossil. Blush pants: (thrifted.) Black pointy-toed pumps: Shoe Carnival.

I knew that I wanted to wear pants yesterday; I wore skirts and dresses all last week.  I had a few other outfit idea’s for these pants, but I also wanted to wear this shirt!  I kept the jewelry to a minimum by just adding a necklace and wearing a watch. This also happens to be the blog debut of this Ann Taylor blazer that I thrifted a while back.

I started out class by giving the students a quiz over the material that we covered on Thursday.  I didn’t take the time to go over it and grade it during class because we had two chapters to cover, but just by glancing through some of the students responses, I can see that they didn’t do as well as I would have liked them to.  I also lectured over the chapter on listening.  It took a little longer than I had planned for, and that meant that we didn’t get all the way through the second chapter for the evening on selecting a topic.  That’s o.k., though.  We just have one more concept to go over and we can cover it on Thursday.  Plus, they don’t have to turn their topics in until Tuesday, so it’s not going to effect them too terribly much.  I just have to get my timing down better.

I am having all sorts of difficulty with this online tool that I use for my students.  Several of them are showing up on the roster, but not in the grade book.  This means that they didn’t complete the registration process.  However, I don’t know exactly which step they missed and the online help services are not helping!  It’s been sort of a frustrating morning.  I am fielding e-mails left and right from my students saying that they can’t see the content and are having trouble completing their homework.  Aggggh. Technology is great when it works, but sometimes getting it all set up to do what you want it to do is more of a pain in the butt than it’s worth.

I hope that it all gets sorted out so that my students can complete their homework.  The beginning of the semester is always so stressful.

By the way, I know that I sometimes mention my second job, but I am usually a little vague about what it is.  Well, I wanted to share the good news with all of you, that I won my store’s annual 2012 Bartender Championships!  I had to take a test on our menu, a test over our 25 most popular drinks, a pour test (where they measure the accuracy of my free pours), a speed round (where I have to make 5 drinks as fast and accurately as possible), and the flair show.  This youtube video is the final step in the process: the flair show.  We invite guests, friends, and family to come out and watch our performances.  After we are done with our 6 minute routine, we auction off the 3 drinks for charity.  This year, the proceeds went to Feed America.  Last year was the first year that I participated and I took 3rd place.  I will be moving on the next level where I compete against the winner’s at the other stores in our district.  This will be sometime in early October.  However, if it interferes with my class or my vacation I will not be able to attend.



Salmon: It’s Not Just for Dinner

After a few rough days last week I really wanted to start fresh on Monday morning.  Alas, that didn’t exactly happen.  Instead, all of the tension that had been steadily mounting erupted into an overflow.  This resulted in a student speaking with the department chair about her frustrations and later that same day, myself going and speaking to my department chair about the situation.  And that is really all that I want to say about that!

We’ve had a break in the weather since last weeks unbearable temps of 95+ and have returned to our normal summer temperatures of mid-80’s.  And I am thankful.  Although those 90 degree days can be nice if you have nothing better to do than go hang out at the pool, they make trying to accomplish anything else–even sleep!– all but impossible.  And, I can’t deny that the decrease in heat and humidity is much better for my hair– I was having a great hair day on Monday which made me super-duper excited.

I decided to wear this aztec-y jersey printed tank top that I purchased a while back from Target.  I knew when I bought it that it was going to have lots of remix possibilities.  I’ve worn it several times and each time I’ve managed to wear it just a little bit differently.  (See here.) I love the color palette, the cut and style, and the fabric– it’s like wearing a super soft t-shirt.  Plus, I can dress it up for school, or just throw it on with denim shorts for a perfect summer look.  If I had to pick one piece that I think defines my Summer style it would be between this shirt and my printed khaki shorts from Old Navy.

This time around, instead of bringing out the yellow-gold hues, I played up the pinks and peaches.  I paired it with my blush colored trousers and salmon-y cardigan.  (For other ways that I’ve worn these trousers see here and here.)  I went with brown shoes and silver-toned jewelry instead of gold.  I also added my wooden bead-bauble-y necklace.  I was a little unsure about the necklace with the ruffle detail of the shirt, so I photographed it both with and without the necklace and (just like last time) I liked it better with the necklace.  It just feels like a more finished product.

Savvy readers will also notice that I have layered my necklaces, again.  This time I am wearing a silver rope chain in addition to the orangish wooden necklace.  This is a styling detail that I am really in love with right now.

Monday July 9, 2012
Salmon cardigan: Target. Ruffled tank top: Target. Wooden bead necklace: (thrifted.) Silver necklace: gift from grandma. Earrings: gift from bf. Blush colored trousers: (thrifted.) Brown pointy toed heels: (thrifted.) Silver watch: Fossil.

After class I spent some time talking to a faculty member about my class and then headed towards the main campus to speak with my department chair.  After a mentally exhausting day I needed to decompress.  For me, this meant stopping at J.C. Penney on my way home to do a bit of shopping.  I did pick up two new items, a sleeveless gold cowl-neck top and a silver cuff bracelet.  While shopping, I remembered that it was a co-worker’s last day at my other job.  I quickly texted another co-worker to see if she wanted to meet up and say a quick good-bye.

She was just leaving work for the day and agreed to meet me in about 30 minutes.  I made a quick stop to Wal-Mart to pick up a card and then met my friend at work.  Sadly, our co-worker had already left for the day.  But, it worked out fine in the end because my friend and I got to spend some QT together have a cocktail and an appetizer on the patio.

Since we have to wear uniforms to work, this was (possibly) the first time that my co-workers had seen me in dress up clothes.  It was fun to see their reaction.  I got a lot of compliments on my outfit, necklace, and shoes.  I would be lying if I didn’t say that it made me feel great–especially since I wasn’t really trying to go there dressed to the nines.  It just so happened that I was having a good hair day and looked polished and put together.

It’s times like these that make me happy that I put in the time and effort to pick out outfits and that I share them with you through this blog.  The idea that the way we dress does, indeed, make a difference is constantly reinforced.

How many times do you run in to an ex, old boss, or former acquaintance and say “Darn, I wish I didn’t look so put together and polished right now?” NEVER, right? It’s usually more like, “Darn, I wish I wouldn’t have ran out of the house looking like this!”


Although I have known the order of the days of the week for a very long time, Wednesday managed to sneak up on me something fierce!  Mostly it was due to working an extra shift at my other job to help a co-worker out.  In hindsight I should have said No because it threw my entire schedule out of whack.  But, you know what they say about hindsight!

On Tuesday I spent a good portion of the day prepping my lecture for class, creating a quiz, setting up grade books, and doing this and that.  Then, I had to go to work at my other job.  Due to unforseen events, I was there later than anticipated.  Luckily, sometime last week I played in my closet and created some school outfits.   This helps out immensely in a frantic and time crunched morning.  (It also helps out because my BF and I are now getting ready simultaneoulsy.)

I have to confess that I didn’t wear the outfit as initially planned.  I wanted to add a coral-ish colored short sleeved cardigan to my wardrobe to go with this dress, amongst other things.  But, when I went shopping Target had one that I wanted, but it wasn’t on sale and I wanted it to be.  I actually stole this cardigan from the hanger with another pre-planned outfit.

Khaki colored cardigan: Target. Black flowered dress: Target. Earring and necklace set: (thrifted.) Gold watch: Wal-Mart. Black wedges: Target.

I wanted this dress to be styled differently than the last time I wore it.  To make it more seasonal, I paired it with a light colored short sleeve cardigan and coral jewelry.  I also opted for a pair of casual peep toed wedges to make it a little more summery, as well.  Lastly, I tied the fabric belt in a loose knot in front, rather than a bow behind my back.

I know these changes may seem minute and insignificant, but changing the accessories that you wear with an outfit can really help it feel like a different dress.  In fact, my sister just asked me about that today.  She went for a job interview and they have asked her back for a second interview.  She asked me if I thought it was inappropriate to wear the same suit but with a different colored shirt, shoes, and jewelry.  HECK NO!  Re-mixing staple items in your wardrobe is one of the cornerstones of this blog!

I wasn’t sure about the cardigan with the dress, especially with it being summer and all.  The room where I teach is air conditioned, so I did keep the cardigan on the entire class.

Besides sneaking up on me, class went well.  I am really trying to focus on incorporating more student discussion into my lectures.  However, it is very difficult because sometimes the students lead you in a very different direction than you intended to go.  Also, it is a big challenge to stay silent while waiting for a student to answer a question.  I find that it makes it difficult to budget my time effectively–the first two days I have pushed it to the very last second.  (I did promise the students that we would be there from 9am-11:25am, though!)

What do you think– did I manage to make this dress look different enough from the last time that I wore it?  Please leave your comments below.

Royal Blue, Coral, and Last Days

Friday was the final instructional day of class.  I lectured over chapter 14, argumentative speaking, and we tied up some loose ends.  One of the things that I have the students do on the first day is fill out a listening evaluation sheet.  This leads us into a discussion about poor listening skills and how taking a public speaking course can help you to improve your listening skills.  And, by improving your listening skills you are also inherently improving your speaking skills.

Close to the end of the semester, I have them fill that same evaluation out again.  By then, they have forgotten all about it and how they scored themselves the first time around.  The goal is that they have increased their score and improved their listening scores.  Most of my students did improve.  There are always the one or two that go down.  This could be due to a variety of reasons– either they lied the first time around, or they didn’t fully understand the questions, or now that they know what good listening is, they are more critical of themselves.

I also have them fill out a personal inventory.  I ask them about any prior public speaking experience, their skills and weaknesses as a speaker, their fears, and their goals.  I specifically ask them what grade they hope to achieve.  Then, as a follow-up question, I ask them how much time they plan to devote to the course.  Most of the time, the students write what they think that I want to hear– that they want an A or B and they are willing to do whatever it takes.

However, I think that some of them come to find out very quickly, that they underestimated the time necessary to achieve an A in a public speaking class.

For the last day of class, the weather was warm and I wanted to wear a new tank top that I recently purchased.  I had a few different options as to what to wear with it.  This is one of the reasons that I bought it.  Without hesitation, I could rattle off at least 4 different bottoms that I could pair the top with.  (This is a great little test when you are trying to decide whether to buy a piece of clothing.)  I opted to pair it with a coral pleated midi skirted that is on-trend right now.

Royal blue cardigan: Target. Ruffled tank top: Target. Coral pleated midi skirt: (thrifted.) Necklace: gift from mother-in-law. Silver watch: Fossil. Shell bracelet: gift from mom. Brown sandals: (unknown.)

Truth be told, I don’t love this outfit.  I don’t know why, though.  I think that I don’t love the bright blue and the pink–even though those colors are both in the abstract print.  I also feel that the shirt doesn’t look great with my skin color because I am so pale– I feel like it washes me out, and the pink skirt does nothing to help that.  I think that a turquoise colored cardigan or skirt would have been much better.

The next time I meet with this group of students will be during finals week, on our regular day and time. They do not have a paper test, they will be delivering their persuasive speeches instead.

Paisley and Persuasion

Tuesday was the start of a brand new section: Persuasive Speaking.  I opened the class with a review discussion about informative speaking–the general purpose, the specific purpose, organizational patterns, etc.  Then, I began discussing persuasive speaking and drawing upon their similarities.  I really wanted them to understand that we’ve spent 9 weeks talking about informative speaking and that the next three weeks are going to build upon that.

The second piece of information that I needed to convey to them was a brand new organizational pattern: Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.  In the world of academic public speaking Monroe’s is nearly synonymous with persuasive speaking.  For this reason,  I am requiring all of my students to use it in their final speech.

Since we were back to “business as usual” with PowerPoint slides and a lecture I made sure that I dressed appropriately.  But, it is also Spring so that means that I did take the liberty of wearing a maxi-dress.  To me, a maxi-dress is somewhat casual in feel.  The two that I own are both a cotton blend and very light on the structuring.  But, casual doesn’t mean sloppy.  In order to help this maxi-dress stand up to the challenge I paired it with a short-sleeved cardigan, a gold belt, burgundy peep-toed heels, and lots of jewelry.  I find that by accessorizing a maxi-dress it really helps to elevate it.

Thursday we will be discussing motive needs, motivational appeals and Maslow’s Hierarchy.
p.s. My 100th post contest is still open–so leave a comment on this blog post for a chance to win a $10 Starbucks giftcard.

Peach Sorbet

Friday was not the day that I expected to have.  My students didn’t have class the week prior for Good Friday, so they had to turn in their outlines to me some way so that I could return them.  On Thursday night I received an e-mail from one of my students asking if they were presenting their speech on Friday.

I know it shouldn’t, but little things like that get under my skin.  First, it tells me that the student either doesn’t have their syllabus, or doesn’t look at it.  Second, it indicates to me that the student does not do the amount of prep work for a speech that I feel is necessary.  Third, I’m wondering how the student thought that it was possible to even practice a speech without having received back their outline.  A little inquiry like that just sets off so many red flags for me.

Ideally, I had planned for them to do the same group exercise/presentation as my other class, but I didn’t feel like it would really help them.  Instead, I passed back their graded outlines and had them split off in to partners to begin revising them.  As they were working on that, I went around and helped guide everyone along.  Then, we spent the last 20 minutes having everyone go up to the front of the room and practice delivering their newly revised introductions.

I feel like it helped them, but I guess I won’t really know until next week when they deliver their speeches.  The only snag in the plan was that 3 students who came to class did not turn in their outlines, therefore they didn’t have anything to work on during the class time.  This resulted in those 3 students leaving.  I would have liked a different outcome for that situation,  but I guess you have to take the good with the bad.

I had tried wearing this outfit on both Tuesday and Thursday, but it just didn’t happen.  I forget why I vetoed it on Tuesday, but on Thursday it was because I didn’t have the right undergarments for the pants.   The pants are great, but they are not lined, and I could see that as being the reason why someone sent them off to the thrift store.

This outfit worked out nicely, and I am glad that I wore it on Friday.  After class I had to attend a division meeting at school.  It is the first one that I have been to and it was really great.  First, it helped me to gain a sense of belonging within my department, division, college, etc.  Second, it was a good opportunity to see what types of outfits the other teachers in my department wear.  And lastly, I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but currently I am not teaching in the Fall.  I am still relatively new and part-time, so it takes some time for the list to make its way around to me.  Sadly, all of the classes were taken before it reached me.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that enrollment will go up and more sections will be added between now and August, but only time will tell.  (I also felt like it was really important for my department chair to see me attending these meetings.)

What do you think? Is it important to attend procedural meetings and other types of events in your field?